Chante Moore Concert

It was Thursday July 13th, 2017. And, it was only hours before the concert started when I decided to stop by The Promontory. I did not want any problems concerning getting lost en route to the concert.

The Promontory looked pretty gnarly in the daytime! However, I knew that it had to look even better at night. My second trip to the Promontory(which was in the evening)was a success. Not only did I not get lost along the way, I made it to the Chante Moore concert in the nick of time!

Although the concert started a little late, it was okay. It gave me an opportunity to walk around a little bit and explore the place. The tables were numbered. My table number was #41 just like my age at the time(I just had a birthday this past August 1st)! The setting of the tables looked very romantic with the candles on the tables alongside the numbers.

Chante Moore’s concert was sold out! Wow! Finally, the concert began. I was shocked to see Chante step out wearing corn row braids! Here I was expecting her to show up in long flowing hair like her videos and pictures.

She still looked great though. Her performance was spectacular! In fact, I give her one million gold stars!!! 🙂 🙂 🙂 She sang beautifully! I tell you what: there are three women in music history, who do not sound strained while changing octaves.

Three of them are: Minnie Ripperton, Deniece Williams, and Chante Moore! That is all that I have to say. Because, Chante Moore gave a « megawatt performance »! She sang an array of hits, including some of my favorites, like: « Bitter », « It’s Alright », « Love’s Taken Over », « Chante’s Got a Man », and others.

Yes! It was all good! I just wished that my mother was with me to experience this moment in time. In addition, there were highlights!!! Chante chose three men to come to the stage! By a round of applause, one of the men with the best singing voice was chosen as the winner.

And…..there was a winner! The lucky winner was given a chance to be on the stage with Chante Moore! This was soooooooooo cute! Another highlight of the concert was when she talked a little bit to the audience.

All in all, Chante Moore was « the number one stunna »! After the concert, I walked to the train station twice, because I was not sure that the train was even running!

The first time around, I was the only one waiting there! I was like damn! Chicago is too damn big of a city not to have anyone riding the train at night! Shit!

So, there you have it, folks! Chante Moore is worth every ducket that you spend! She is truly a « super talented » lady! Wow!IMG_20170713_194306IMG_20170713_194327IMG_20170713_194333

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