The Insecure Writer’s Group: August 2017

Well, August is here. How are my fellow writers doing? I sure hope that all is well. It is not well with me right now. Tensions are really running high in my family right now.

It is over the little things. Let me fill you in on some of the details. NOT ALL, but some. The fattest people in the apartment are currently getting blamed for all food or drink that ends up missing in the apartment.

The bad part of it is REALLY BAD. We have more than one food and drink bandit. However, the worst one sneaks to the point where the wrong ones get blamed and arguments almost break out into fights.

The horrible bandit in our home is our grandmother. I have a baby sister who drinks hard liquor like a baby addicted to lollipops. She just discovered that her bottle of liquor was guzzled down.

My mom bought herself McDonald’s sweet tea. That sweet tea has slowly been sipped out of over a three day period.

And, it does not stop there. My mom and I yesterday had to backtrack concerning my grandmother’s behavior and think about what she has been doing up until now.

That is how we know it was my grandmother who weirdly got into the liquor? Hmmmm…today she got caught sneaking into the front room red handed and boy was she pissed! Now, I do not know why my youngest sister is taking so long to move out. The family is waiting for my beloved niece to move in once my evil sister moves out.

Anyway, my grandmother is not going to a nursing home no matter what. We love her. However, she is a problem sometimes. Next, I only have one more article due to post in my blog.

And, that is it. After that, it is strictly fun stuff, entertainment, and bullshit posts of mine, of my choice. I also have ten novels to finish up. So, I will keep you guys posted.

Other than that, I will also keep you guys tuned in to some of the best concerts ever. Give me a « holla » sometimes. Will you? Until next time! I bid you adieu! 🙂 🙂 🙂15665571_802234223247604_6298543564871476653_n

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