Friend Request Movie Review

IMG_20170921_192042It’s a « chiller »!



In almost every junior high, high school, church, and even college, there seems to be « that one person or pupil », who stands out amongst the crowd as being « odd », « weird », « not wrapped too tight », and does not « fit in ».

These individuals are often bullied(which often leads to that person getting hurt). Sometimes the bullying leads to suicide. In Friend Request, the tables are turned concerning befriending « weird people ». In this case, a nice person who befriends a school’s « oddball », who  doesn’t « fit in » does not end in a « happily ever after » situation(Laura).

Meet Laura(Alycia Debnam-Carey)and Marina(Liesl Ahlers), whom are in the same Psych 101 class. Laura decides to be nice to Marina because she feels sorry for her and soon decides to be Marina’s online friend as well. Totally harmless. Right? A popular girl befriends the « quiet weird girl ».

Both are supposed to form a stronger bond and maybe the weird girl gets to be « transformed » from a weird « social leper », to a new age Brittney Spears type of bombshell! And, everyone now is supposed to love the former weirdo who has now been transformed, right? Wrong. One look at Marina’s profile page and things start to happen. Once Laura starts scrolling down Marina’s page, it seems like things start to go in a Johnny Depp Alice in Wonderland direction.

Not! Furthermore, things start to get a little ugly and twisted. There is much more to this weirdo! Marina is dark and twisted! : something that psychology nor psychiatry can touch! After Laura decides to stay away from Marina because she is more than weird, things start to get bizarre. One by one, a person dies.

As the body count increases, Laura’s followers begin to drop. And, Laura(along with some of her friends)tries to unravel the mystery behind these deaths. Also, the activities of her social media page. At the same time, an investigation is underway by the police department.

Parts of Marina’s twisted past is unraveled, from the very town that Marina’s mother lived in, satanic history, to Marina’s delivery after her mother’s death, to Marina becoming a ward of the state, tortured by two orphan boys, and finally the vengeance killings of those who tortured her.

Eventhough this is a good ol’ scary movie, there is a twisted comedic scene. You can find out where in the movie on your own. Friend Request is now playing in a theater near you!


Rated R

92 minutes

Horror, Thriller

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