The Janet Jackson Concert Experience!!!

IMG_20170919_223534_143It was a very unpredictable day full of surprises the weekend of September 17th, 2017. It made more sense to me to attend the Janet Jackson concert in Tulsa, Oklahoma for a number of reasons. However, I will not bore you with such information. Although, my trip plans started fucking up because Greyhound fucked up.

To continue, I made a reservation to pay by cash at a local 7 Eleven. The reservation was made online. I was given a reservation number and printed my Greyhound pay stub, so that I could take my printed reservation stub, show it to the 7 Eleven employees, and pay at the register.

Not even 24 hours passed when I presented my pay stub at the register when the clerk discovered that my reservation was « not valid ». So, I decided to check again at another 7 Eleven. The same thing happened. What happened to me was not supposed to happen. What is supposed to happen is: once a person makes their reservation online to pay for their Greyhound bus tickets with cash at the nearest 7 Eleven or Ace Cash Express, your reservation is supposed to then be held until two hours before bus departure. Great news, huh? Well, that did not happen to me!

In fact, when I called Greyhound back, the Greyhound representative « could not find my reservation » in the system at all! Ooooh, I was fucking pissed! Damnit! As a result, I had to repeat the same process all over, again! And, guess what? The rate for Greyhound bus tickets went up. Talking about the beginning of a horrible day!

Shit fucking up like this reminds me of getting ready for a family member’s wedding and a series of surprising mishaps, or just unexpected delays start happening, until the wedding begins.

I mean, damn! Well, I finally went ahead and made another reservation to pay at the nearest 7 Eleven to pay for a higher priced ticket, to travel to Tulsa, Oklahoma. After that, I returned home to pack a few things. I stayed up all night Saturday night washing clothes and stuff. After that, I decided to finally take a nap for an hour. After taking my nap, I discovered that the dryer no longer worked! Shit!

I really needed to finish my last load of clothes. Well, after this mishap I had no more time to waste. My bag was packed by 2:00 A.M. Sunday morning. The morning of Sunday September 17th, 2017, started out with surprises as well.

It was time to take my brother to work. After that, I was to be dropped off at the Greyhound bus station. Me and other family members were out the door by 5:00 A.M. My mother and little sister accompanied me on the way towards the bus station after my brother was dropped off to work. After leaving my brother’s job, my mother ended up getting lost leaving Grapevine, Texas, due to my little sister giving her bad directions.

We needed to hurry up and get to Dallas! After pulling up directions on how to get to the bus station, we began heading in the right direction. However, two motor vehicle accidents slowed us down. How were we going to get there in eight minutes? It seemed like we were still so far away! Finally, we made it! After finally arriving at the Dallas Greyhound bus terminal, I said my goodbyes to my sister. Next, I said goodbye to my mother and proceeded to approach the ticket counter. After that I stood in line to get on the bus. After boarding the bus I decided to try to get as comfortable as possible and get some rest.

Because, I was super exhausted. Anyway, I was a little excited once I arrived in Tulsa. I just knew that everything was going to work out now! 🙂 Right? Wrong! 😦 Next, I left  the Greyhound bus station to check on my hotel reservation. My reservation was fine. However, what stated on their website regarding Hyatt Regency Tulsa was a little different than what the hotel decided to do regarding the hotel deposit fee. First of all, I am not used to these hotel deposits, because most of the hotels that I stay in does the regular thing and bills you if you tear up their property or something. To continue, on the website, it stated that the deposit had to be paid for by card or by cash.

When I approached the check-in counter, the hotel clerk told me that Hyatt Regency Tulsa « does not handle cash transactions ». What in the fuck?!  I was so upset! I mean damn! As a result, this delayed me even further for almost three hours.

During my delay, I met a nice lady who told me that her daughter was given the opportunity to be one of Janet Jackson’s dancers at a concert in Arkansas. Wow! I thought that was cool.

O.K. Changes had to be made. So, by check-in time business was handled. Once I checked in, I went to my room, and scoped things out. Everything was perfect, except for the bathroom.

The almost gone toilet tissue roll remained on the tissue roll. No problem. There was a brand new roll in the cabinet. So, I replaced the old roll with a new one. Because of this little slip-up, I decided not to review the hotel. Because, little things like this actually are important. Nooks, crannies, entering the room, the appearance of everything, just every damn thing(including down to the condiments and treats if there are any)is important. I really was exhausted. What did I do? After checking everything out, I decided to take a nap before getting ready to attend the Janet Jackson concert. I took a nap for over an hour.

After my nap, it was almost showtime! It seemed like over a million things ran through my mind up until this point: How many songs was she going to do? Was she going to perform all of her hits?

Was she going to perform my two favorite songs of hers(« Funny How Time Flies » and « Someday Is Tonight »)? What dance moves was she going to do? Was she going to do some hip hop dancing?

Eventhough Janet is Michael Jackson’s sister and they did things differently, was she going to do some « locking »? Any special guests? And, how many wardrobe changes?

Last but not least, was there going to be a speech or a tribute to Michael or something? Next, it was time for me to get ready. I had this bad ass cream colored two piece leggings set. The top had a corset look. And, it felt like velvet. Oh shit! I was like wait until I put this bad boy on!

Everything was laid out. So, finally I put on my makeup! My eyeshadow needed to have tons of glitter. But, oh well. Maybe next time. Now it was time to add the finishing touches: my two piece outfit!

Here we go! On goes the………..what the fuck? My top is too tight? Why is the bottom of my top barely touching the bottom of my tits? It is not supposed to look like a halter top!

The corset look between my tits look sexy, but everything is so fucking tight! Oh, my God! I do not have another nice top to replace this one! Damnit! Hmmmm…I wonder how my corset pants look.

On they goooooooooo…..nowhere! Oh shit! I’m fucked! My outfit was supposed to be a little loose, because I bought it one size too big. The pants barely pulled up to my waist! And, they were supposed to stretch!

Oh, the horror! This was an absolute nightmare! The only thing that I had left were my travel clothes! As a result, I was beyond panic mode. It was a total nightmare! What were my travel clothes? My travel clothes consisted of a pair of exercise pants, my comfy mens Super Man slippers, and a maroon T-shirt.

Damn! I was seething and now in a horrible mood on my way to the concert. I was in such a horrible mood that I was not my usual jovial self before the concert. So, I left my hotel room in a pissed off huff.

Once I finally made it to the B.O.K. Center, it was near 30 minutes until showtime. And, I did not even crack a smile. Furthermore, I was not even sure if I wanted to visit the sky lounge(whatever the hell that was)! Next, I looked down at my concert ticket and found one of the workers to show me where I was to be seated.

First, I was told to go to the upper level. Once I arrived there, I was told that I was actually to be seated in the lower level downstairs. So, I went back down the escalator and was shown where I was finally supposed to go to be seated. I had an O.K. seat.

Although, I may have not been up front to see Janet up close, I was able to enjoy her music and see her on one of the giant screens in the B.O.K. Center. Finally, I calmed down a bit.

I made it! Eventhough the concert had not started, I was still on for another surprise that would cause me to be pissed off over and over and over, and over again in the concert.

Just like the Al B. Sure!, Guy, Tony, Toni, Tone, and After 7 concert, there were concert goers who did not have concert manners! There were « nightmare concert goers »: the kind that cannot stay in their fucking seats!

Oh, my fucking God! These were the kind of bitches that needed to wear diapers during fun events, where people like me will not be disturbed. Oh, my God!

These women kept getting up leaving and shit! I hate those kind of people! Shit! In fact, I am starting to think that concerts may need category seats like the « piss a lot » and « people who get out of their chairs twice or more » during a concert, should be in a « diaper seat area ».

That way these folks seated in these designated areas could get up any time without bothering others who like to pretty much remain glued to the chair and listen to their favorite artists. Anywho, Janet had a d.j. who spun records and hyped up the crowd until she came on stage.

While this was going on, there were tons of people who were still arriving at the concert and others who were ordering snacks and whatnot. Well, it was approaching showtime and the d.j. was playing lots of great music! What a way to get a crowd hyped up at a Janet Jackson concert!

Wow! And, a jovial walk down memory lane remembering Michael: playing music by The Jackson Five and Michael. That was a remarkable and tasteful way of doing this. The Jackson family and the world lost Janet Jackson’s beloved brother Michael Jackson. It was a horrible blow and shock to lose Michael.

It had to be ten times worse on the receiving end and as a direct family member(sister)to lose him. Knowing this, I felt really weird. Michael is gone. My emotions turned from raw to weird. I started feeling like « frozen ».

I was going to a concert. No ordinary concert. I was going to a Jackson family member concert. And, I knew that I was going to see one of the world’s best performers. However, there was a deep wound there. A loss.

Hopefully, as the rest of the puzzle pieces of Michael Jackson’s death unravels, and every detail is sniffed out, justice will prevail. I felt that it was my duty to go to this concert. And, out of respect and loving memory. Hell, eventhough I am not a member of the Jackson family, the Jacksons have been around in show business for a very long time! My parents grew up listening to the Jackson family.

And, so did I. Like a number of people back in the old days hung portraits of John F. Kennedy in their households like a beloved family member, it was like Michael was like a distant family member to me.

A member you always heard about, but never seen in person. Yet, you looked forward to see what he came out with. Stuff like: What is his newest dance move?

O.K. Is his new single going to be « the lit »? Did he collaborate with Teddy Riley on at least six songs? Shit like that. And, it was that much more special that the Jackson family was brought up in the faith: The Jehovah’s Witnesses. However, I never knew that until after 1992.

Wow! Although I was initially raised as a Methodist, I was introduced to the Jehovah’s Witness faith by age three in Los Angeles, California.:-) And, here I am at the Janet Jackson State of the World Concert.

As the d.j. continued playing music, my mind took a trip down memory lane right to the point of where I was when Michael Jackson died. I was right here in Tulsa, Oklahoma.

I lived at 3727 N. Quaker Avenue in Comanche Apartments. Comanche Apartments are located on the north side of town in Tulsa, Oklahoma. This side of town is the only side of town where Tulsa has the biggest population of black people.

Although, Tulsa has a small percentage of black Americans living in Tulsa, period, the north side of town is also near the historical « black Walstreet ». Right now the north side of town is about to be « historic » as well.

There is an increase of a Mexican/Hispanic population moving in the black areas and fixing up the old, abandoned, and dilapidated homes that remain on the north side of town. Anywho, I was in the area between 61st and Sheridan and St. Francis Hospital before I heard the news of Michael Jackson’s death.

I had a splitting headache. It was hot outside. However, I forgot what business’s television that I watched the news about Michael Jackson’s death, because I did not have a television set in my own apartment.

It was unbelievable and shocking when I heard the news. Now, here I was sitting here at a Jackson family member’s concert. Janet Jackson did not come out yet. A moment of sadness came over me.

God, I hoped not to cry thinking about Michael’s passing. The music continued to play. The tears are held in check. Was Janet going to come out? Was she reminiscing about Michael?

A few of us concert goers were wondering about this. More Michael Jackson music was playing. One of many of my Michael Jackson favorites is « I Can’t Help It ».

The d.j. yelled, « If you love all of the Jacksons, make some noise! »

Hell yeah! You know I fucking screamed! 🙂 I love all of the Jacksons! Rebbie and Latoya, too!!! 🙂 🙂 🙂 I still felt a little weird. A little out of my element. Michael Jackson’s music was playing.

But, there was no Michael. It seemed like I sat stiff like a wooden statue as a flood of emotions began to surface. « Kiss » by Prince was playing. The crowd went wild. Yes, lots of us concert goers miss Prince, too.

And, finally…….showtime! Janet is here! More music! The crowd is screaming like crazy! There are pictures on the screens in the B.O.K. Center during the concert. On these screens reveal important messages to everyone:









Michael Brown Unarmed.

There was one about bigotry. I thought that I took a picture of that one. I guess not. However, these messages were the intro to Janet’s State of the World Concert. Very important and powerful messages indeed.

Janet’s presence was magnificent and her performance was spectacular! By the middle of the concert, I was back to my normal self. I even enjoyed her remixed songs. One of her songs were remixed with Aaliyah’s song « Rock the Boat ».

In fact, I found this concert to be a little educational. It had truth about racism and bigotry being wrong, things happening in the world, and even a little stage play kind of act that reminded me of a Broadway play.

In fact, her music was versatile enough for everyone. Her very own music has a little pop, rock n’ roll, and R&B. « Black Cat » is rock, « Come Back to Me » is R&B, and « Escapade » is pop. Those are fine examples of versatility in her music.

However, I do not know why, but I had hoped that Janet would sing my two favorite songs of hers: « Funny How Time Flies » and « Someday Is Tonight(featuring Herb Alpert) ».

I just knew that she was going to sing these songs, right? Wrong! So, so, wrong. To me, « Funny How Time Flies » is a very memorable and special kind of song. This very song and Simply Red’s « Holding Back the Years » cause me to reminisce about pleasant memories of the past. And, so does Janet Jackson’s song « Someday Is Tonight ». « Someday Is Tonight » causes me to reminisce about my late teenage years.

I was at a dance when a basketball player asked me to dance. Although I agreed to dance with him, I did not think about how awkward it would be to dance with someone extremely tall, until it happened.

The d.j. played « Someday Is Tonight ». I remember this moment in time, because this song is so good that at the time, I preferred to dance to it by myself!

This very song was the reason why I decided to buy the cassette tape! 🙂 Anyway, this basketball player was 7’4″. I am not exaggerating either. I even asked him how tall he was and knew that he was not lying, because he tried to dirty dance with me and it was just not working, because when I danced with him, I felt like I was being smothered.

As a result, I had to move my head for air. The guy was nice though. In addition, I danced to two songs with him. That was a nightmare. Yeah, those were the days. I smile about it now. Going to Janet Jackson’s concert was a cool and unique experience. It was a real treat. To add, there was a part during the concert when Janet said, « This is me! » I thought that this was a very memorable moment. This concert was worth my money and then some. After the concert, Janet thanked everyone for coming. I wanted to stay after the concert and snap some photos of the Sky Lounge. However, that was not possible, because my phone’s storage space was full. As a result, I left immediately after the concert and walked a few blocks back to my hotel room.

Once I arrived back in my hotel room, I got ready for bed and boy was it lovely(the hotel bed itself)! Monday at 12:00 P.M. was checkout time. So, I checked out, took some more pictures(after clearing some phone storage space),left the hotel itself, and care of business. Monday was a very long day for me.

Late Monday night, I went to the Greyhound bus station to purchase my bus ticket back home. Once I arrived at the Greyhound bus station, I found out something horrible, pathetic, and just plain almost unheard of:


Greyhound was fucking closed! Oh, my fucking God! In fact, the Greyhound bus stations in Tulsa, Oklahoma City, and possibly Muskogee,Oklahoma, is no longer operating on a 24 hour schedule! Horror of horrors!

The Greyhound bus station in Tulsa is now privately owned, which means that opening and closing hours is at the discretion of the owner! Fuck! Boy, I was so pissed! I had to wait outside of that Greyhound bus station for a while. In fact, this bus station is located in downtown Tulsa, Oklahoma. To me, it seems like most downtowns in the U.S.A. is occupied in the late night hours by homeless people. That is just what it seems like to me, anyway.

I waited to get into the Greyhound bus station so that I could purchase my bus ticket home. It sure was a long day for me. I had to wait a long time. And, there were homeless people waiting there, too.

Next, I think that all Greyhound bus stations in the U.S.A. should operate 24/7.

Thank God Tuesday evening I was back home! 🙂

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