Question of the Day

How come there is not an insurance program where you can put anyone you want on your health insurance?





You know, there are times in our lives when some of us take on responsibilities that far surpass what we should be taking on. Some people are and have been taking care of people who they should not be taking care of. Some have responsibilities that they should not have.

Yet, some people take on responsibilities because they want to and because they love taking on certain responsibilities. This includes:


Taking care of other family members, people who are not family members, pets, and those who they do not have power of attorney of.

Aside from pets, these individuals who may provide caregiving or whatever, may be taking care of people who are young and/or old. You never know exactly what is going to happen to you when you are growing or become old in age(if you make it).

You may never know if and when you are going to need a helping hand in the near or distant future, and oftentimes you will or do not know when you are offered, forced, or put in a situation where you are to « step up to the plate » regarding responsibility(ies). Whether through a relationship, through the courts, or whatever, there needs to be an option to carry someone else no matter if the person is kinfolk, any type of kinfolk, stranger, or whatever, on a healthcare, dental, and vision plan.


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