Get Your Bald Headed Racist Ass Away from Me

Have you ever wondered how many skinheads are in the medical field?


Terror is what they wield.

Do we all put on the breaks and yield?

Some shop at drug stores.

Everything is not what it seems.

Would you like some greens?

There are so many behind the scenes.


Or, is it my imagination?

Those terrorists put people in horrible situations.


Welcome to Texas!

Is it worse than Kansas?


There are a lot of racist shits here(in Texas).

Why didn’t the Freedom Riders picket here?


My dear!

Racism is scary.

I love Ben and Jerry!

It is time to chat a little more about whose hair is thinning and who is going bald for a movement.


Sometimes things grow dim.

You are exempt if you are bald, white, and you are a cancer victim.


I just want to walk through life and see only nice things.


Do you see?

Other than that, please get your bald headed racist ass away from me.

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