Two Jobs

Sometimes in one’s life hard times come.



Sometimes they come.



Sometimes they go.



However, sometimes the going is way too slow.



Some people have to work.



Some don’t.



And, some just won’t.



I am not calling a bluff.



There are times that working one job does not cut it financially.



One job for me at this time is not enough.



Yeah, right now I am in a tight spot.



And, I am not the only one.



It is tough.



Just plain rough!



When it is like this, I need more than just a roof over my head.



Also, it takes more than having a warm bed.



Even the floor.



My needs are much more.



Especially, before I walk out of that front door.



There are so many people who are having a hard time.



It does not matter what ethnicity.



Do not forget about paying that electricity.



There is so much to say.



Yet, so much to pay.



Should everyone who is going through the same thing hold back their sobs?



Who knows?



I just know that I need two jobs!




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