My Favorite Things

This holiday is dandy.



My favorite part is receiving the candy!



Different people wear different costumes.



Some of the costumes are prints.



Oh, look at all of the patterns!



Look at the beautiful houses at night.



There are front porches lit with very creatively jack-o-lanterns.



Are you going to go trick-or-treating?



Parties are going to be thrown.



I might make some pumpkin shaped cookies.



Perhaps, I may add some peanut butter or vanilla glaze.



Now, that is some good eating!



If you are one of many who are going trick-or-treating, have you picked out your costume?



If you are going to dress up as a witch, do not forget to bring your broom.



Or, perhaps you will be something celestial.



Maybe an extraterrestrial!



Or, maybe an angel with wings.



Now, I am going to tell you a little more about my favorite things.



Well, well, well.



My list is humongous!



There is so much to tell!



There will be a menu.



I am not sure about onion rings.



However, I do not want to be a bore by telling you a little more.



Yet, throwing a Halloween party will be an addition to the list of my favorite things.

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