Their Ghouls and Goblins Go to Church!


The month is October. Who is going to a costume party dressed like Mr. Bean?

Every 31st of this month is Halloween!

Some people will throw parties. Some parties are fancy with plenty of candy to eat.

However, there is a small number of people on Halloween who do not trick-or-treat.

However, it is a wonderful season.

Those who do not trick-or-treat have their own reason.

Some of this small percentage does not include Lurch.

To continue, some of these people do indeed go to church!


As a child, I knew that for Halloween church was not going to be my thing.

For those who do attend church on Halloween, that is fine and dandy.

I never went, because I knew that I was not going to be sent home with a giant bag of candy.

Never mind that. Tis not the end.

I partially made my decision due to what I saw regarding what happened to some of my family members and a former friend.

I don’t remember anything sinister.

However, I do know that back in 1982, some of my aunts and uncles did not go trick-o-treating year after year because their daddy was a minister.


Yep. No candy. Nada. They only had popcorn while watching a new movie.

I could not fathom that kind of decision.

I thought that this was totally ludicrous! Yeah, that’s what I’m talking about.

Thank goodness my siblings and I continued to trick-o-treat.

My aunts and everyone else really missed out!

Three. Two. One.

Boy, we sure had a lot of fun!

Years later, I never was a ghoul.

What one of my classmates experienced left me looking stupid.

I felt like a complete fool!

The day after Halloween when we returned to school, everything was not fine and dandy.

He showed me that he only received one small clear package of candy!

I felt so sorry for him. As a friend I truly cared.

Next, I offered him tons of candy that I did not want.

There was plenty to be shared.

After this my friend no longer had a frown.

The rest of the day got better and he no longer felt down.

Also, I let him know that he missed out on a lot of fun.

You know, that same day I found out that there were other students who also went to church on that particular Halloween night.

He was not the only one!

Now, I am an adult. Ting-a-ling.

Going to church on Halloween is still not my thing.

However, there is nothing wrong with those who choose to do something different compared to Lurch.

It is mostly parents who make this decision.

As a result, some parents’ ghouls and goblins go to church.

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