Thanksgiving Delights


On this day in particular, I think that more people express that they are grateful for living.

Tis the season for giving.

I continue to see this verbally discussed or posted online towards or online on Thanksgiving.

There are so many things to do. So many things to buy. Time to start looking.

But, one of the most important things to know on Thanksgiving is: who is going to start cooking?

If you go to the store to start shopping for Thanksgiving, do you need to read anything, like how to prepare a turkey by reading a label?

One has to know something before that bird makes it on the table.

If not, that is O.K., because the true topic of discussion is about the different feasts that will be held almost buffet style on a large table. If one is able.

During one meal there will be thousands of bites.

So, let’s jump right to it. Let’s discuss what’s on the menu for the great feast of the many Thanksgiving delights.

Will there be baked ham?

Oh, my damn!

What about smoked, fried, or roasted cajun turkey?

If so, all of the meats must be cooked to perfection.And, hopefully well done. Not the consistency of jerky.

Leg of lamb. I haven’t had it in a long time. I must confess.

Do not worry about it. I will stuff it. No need to stress.


These are no longer on my list of favorite things.

Shark bites.

My taste palate has been moved to higher heights!

Chicken wings.

Home made is simply the best. Let’s see what this season brings.


This puts me in the mood.

There should be plenty on that spread there. No need to be rude.

Mashed potatoes.

Anything goes!

Potato salad.

It is time to sing our favorite ballad.

Broccoli casserole.

We are on a roll!

Green bean casserole.

To the North Pole!

Macaroni and cheese.


Cornbread dressing.

What a blessing.

Fried chicken livers.

Your nephew’s mouth quivers.

Mediterranean salad.
Stuffed bell peppers.

Jesus healed lepers.


We need more bowls.


Shut your mouth. We already prayed. No need to cuss.


Ole ole’s.

Hamburger Helper.This is the best pasta in a box.

Will Johnnie boy come over? Patricia thinks that he is a fox.


Ooooooh….look at all of those sticky fingers! We need more bibs!

Brussel sprouts.

I’m on the outs.

Olives……must be black.

Because, they are the best. Everything else is wack.

Pumpkin pie.

My, oh my!

Sweet potato pie.

It’s so good that you may smack your momma in her left eye.


Boxed or original. It’s all good.Neither one is regarded as a fake.

Pecan pie.

We must wait. Why, oh why?

Strawberry pie.


Don’t ask me. I hate milk.

Chess pie.

I continue to sigh.

Don’t forget the icing.Pound cake.

How many did you make?

Ice cream.

Every guest’s eyes begin to beam.

Apple pie in the skillet with brandy sauce.

After the party is over, who will be ready to play ring toss?

Walnut pie.

No wonder why!

Fudge with walnuts.

Do we need to add cold cuts?

Lemon bars.

They are worth dodging traffic. The keys, please. But, to which one of the cars?

Jamaican meat pies.

They are an entire meal by themselves. There is no need for home fries.

Coconut cakes.

I hate the flakes.

Pineapple upside down cake.

What an interesting thing to bake!

Fried haddock.

I do not recall seeing a Long John Silvers on Post and Paddock.

French fries.

Hopefully, no one runs out of supplies.

Banana pudding.

Above all, I definitely want that to be there. Things may get messy. You might need to change your shirt.

Because, this is my top three dessert!

Fruit slices.

Have you looked at all of the sale prices?


Dos vidon~a.

Greens and hamhocks.

Myrtle rock!

Spinach quiche.


Fried and sauteed mushrooms.

Let’s turn on some hip-hop music and dance to the beat.

Do you hear how the speakers boom?

Maraschino cherries.

These are some of the most delicious berries!


Hey, where is Trinity?

Chicken fried steak.

Awake! Awake!

So, what do you think? Here is an example of a holiday feast.This one is a list of Thanksgiving delights.

Now, will it be before or after the feast that everyone will go out and enjoy all of the unique sights?

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