Good Lord! Not Again!

Just when I thought that hell finally froze over and the fiascos with that damn dog reached the end, I entered our home the other day and laid down.

As the day went by, I was sitting up chillin’ and guess what greeted me in my face?

My little sister said, « Guess what I got? »

I said, « Oh, no! It’s not going to stay here. Is it? »

She said, « No. It belongs to the neighbors across the way. »

Right there cradled in her arms was another furry friend.

I was relieved when she said that she did not get him on purpose. She was pet sitting for the neighbor.

I then said, « O.K. »

Our family has enough bullshit in our lives. Although he may be adorable, thank God he has an owner who keeps him. Because, it is in our place of residence that he cannot stay. He is not deaf.

Neither is he mute.

However, he has the same exact colors of a Rottweiler or Yorkshire Terrier. He is just sooooooooo adorable. I mean really, really cute!

So far, he was really good. He had very good behavior. In fact, for the longest time throughout the day he was very quiet.

However, as the day sped on I found out that his little adorable and raggedy self is quite a riot!

Twiddly-dee. The cute little fuzzball seemed very friendly. He let me hold and pet him. But, wait. There’s more.

The little guy seems highly intelligent. However, during the night he growled at me after I walked right through the front door.

Minutes turned into hours.

By 2:00 A.M., I figured that his owner should almost be done partying right now. Hmmmm. I wonder when is the best time to take showers?

Man, this situation was getting really lame.

It was now past 7:00 A.M.! Where in the fuck was his owner? I had hoped that this situation was not going to turn topsy turvy.

If so, my life would never be the same.

All of a sudden the dog began to whine.

There were three of us there. Neither of us are animal lovers. So, this animal was neither hers, his, nor mine.

Before this happened, things seemed like they were going to be fine.

No more hard and stressful labor.

The little guy had to shit.

So, I got up to look for his owner. I was told that he belonged to our next door neighbor.

Still, there is more.

I finally knocked on the neighbor’s front door.

The conversation started. While the cute little dog was inside, we talked.

However, before the conversation ended I had the neighbor wait.

So, through the front door I walked.

The neighbor told me that the little guy was not his.

I was shocked.

For confirmation I wanted him to look at the little guy, to make sure that my ears were not deceiving me.

Plus, I was ready for him to claim him. Let him do whatever animals’s owners are supposed to do with their pets.

This includes maybe letting the little guy roam.

Next, I walked back inside to get him. This Schnauzer mix went bonkers on me!

Higgs somehow knew what was happening!! He did not want to go home!

Witnessing the dog’s behavior and the neighbor hearing the angry little cutie before us, I apologized to the neighbor about the misunderstanding that the dog was his.

After I went back inside I told the cute little angry dog that the living room was all his, « So go ahead and keep protecting your newly claimed territory. »

In return he growled at me, then sat dow.

That was the area where he stayed.

Later on he walked around a little bit in that section.

He was allowed to roam.

Meanwhile, I returned to my room laughing. With this dog I was not stern.

The little cutie pie stood his ground.

However, I ended up calling my sister’s phone back to tell her about the recent fiasco.

I found out that she told me a lie!

When she came home there was more to learn!

To continue, she said that the little guy belonged to another neighbor. One night passed when I heard a little noise.

The next thing that I knew,two says went by.

On my way to work he sensed my smell and barked at me!

My little sister did it, again!

She told a bold face lie! No longer did I hear nor see that other big dog. When it had fleas everyone itched. Somewhere in the back of three of our minds(other family members),we had a sneaking suspicion that the two dogs were switched. Hopefully, not another dog nor any other animal,period will be forced on us, again.

I talked about this to another family member.

They decided to tell another one to check out what I heard.

If we have to stick it out with another animal for a little while, it is the cute little one with a « unique » personality that is preferred.

Although, this situation is not going to last that long.

Right now everyone has been quiet as a church mouse.

For all we know, once this one is gone, some of us will part ways and make sure that we will never allow another animal in our very own house.

Not another one!

In some ways we really do care.

But, when the day is over we all know that no animal is to be in our own domain.

We cannot afford them. Having a pet is a luxury. Like an expensive car, we are all aware.

We do not know my sister ‘s purpose for doing this. She cannot even take care of herself.

She can afford to feed herself every now and then.

However, this morning all three of us heard a distinctive kind of bark. Something has to give.

This is not a competition nor a battle to win. But, when we all three heard that dog’s barking, again, we turned towards one another and said, « Good Lord!Not again!!

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