The Heat Is On!

Decorations usually get a lot of praise.

A lot of people are stressed out around the end of the year’s holidays.

Everyone is affected as the world turns.

Veteran’s Day comes and goes.

Every year parts of California burns.

Social security needs to stay, so that people like me will get paid for our future former wages(if we live long enough to get old and retire).

Too bad for Hawaii. Not many people can stand around for too long to roast marshmallows on the lava flow from that eruption that turned into a lake of fire.

In addition, a lot of things happen around the holidays. Many of us watch holiday movies where there are smiling faces, acts of kindness, and people seemingly appearing out of nowhere, to give their loved ones a pleasant surprise.

However, in reality that does not always happen in everyone’s life around the holidays. Some are faced with various situations.

Some have to save face along with their pride.

Some have to keep their traveling shoes out, because they are faced with circumstances they have to deal with.

As a result, people like that may have to run and hide.

Back in the old times of ancient Egypt, more than one was known to apply a curse.

On the flip side, in this present day and time during the holidays, some of the most mild tempered of individuals can turn from better to worse.

Some go out of town.

Are you keeping track of the Christmas countdown?

Some individuals have an occupation where they have to mop.

At the same time, the heat is on for millions of people as millions more start and continue to Christmas shop.

There are soooooo many things out there in the month of December.

How about you?

Do you have a lot to do?

Have you ever thought about how you spent your Christmases in the past? Do you remember?

And, what about today?

As it approaches Christmas, it is a major struggle for people to make a way………… even provide even the slightest toy so that their child or children can play.

After Christmas many people will prepare to celebrate New Year’s day.

Come on down! Follow me!

I do not know how these holidays will play out. So, we’ll just wait and see.

The heat is on! Some abuse pills.

It is seriously panic time for some, because they have a mountain of bills.

Hmmmmmmmmmm… far as I know, no one will be wearing any mullets.

However, some of us will be sweating bullets.

I will not even mention the condition of the weather.

I don’t know if it helps, but…………if you are in a situation this holiday season, try to stay positive and focused.

Come on people!

Let’s get it together!

Word is bon.

Because, the heat is on!

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