The Insecure Writer’s Group: January 2019

Hello everyone! How are you? Well, it is now year 2019. Are you excited? I am not. In fact, I only got excited whenever I used to plan what I would do for new year’s eve years ago.
It really wasn’t important to me as a kid. My dad usually fixed black eyed peas or purple hull peas on new year’s eve. My mom would usually participate in the cooking part. In between preparing the new year’s meal, my father would usually turn the T.V. channel to the Dick Clark new year’s eve special.
Sometimes my mother would fix egg nogg. One of the times that I did get excited about the approaching new year was around 2003. I decided to celebrate new year’s eve in Las Vegas, Nevada.
The countdown part was soooooo exciting. Me and two family members were together standing amongst thousands of other people. I have never been around so many people at one time!
Wow! Fastforward to last month and December 31st, it was very hectic and exciting for me. I signed up to go to two new year’s eve parties. Both were hosted by two different radio stations.
One was held by 97.9 The Beat. It was held at the Old Red Museum. The museum is an exquisite castle like structure. The other party was held at the Renaissance Richardson Hotel, located in Richardson, TX. It was hosted by 94.9 Funasia Radio. I knew that I wanted to go to both parties. However, the success of going to both of them and thoroughly enjoying myself depended on careful planning, finances, and time management. Did it go as planned?
Half of it did. Parts of the plan that did not go well ended up………totally fucked up! Oh, my God! Now, let me explain how and why. For two whole months I surfed the internet for the « perfect » new year’s eve outfit. There were so many choices to be made. However, I finally narrowed my decision to two outfits.
The two outfits that I decided on were totally gorgeous! Originally, I decided on one outfit. However, the outfit in particular would have been a little « risque »(if I were to wear it at the party where people brought their entire family, including their kids).
So, I decided to choose the risque outfit to be worn at the castle. That outfit was cool as hell. It reminded me of a luxuriously clad superhero.
The back part of the outfit cascaded down like a cape. However, it touched the floor like the train of a bridal gown. The rest of it was sexy as hell. The other outfit chosen was totally gorgeous. But, the dress stopped above the knee. As a result, I asked the dressmaker if she would turn the dress into a bodysuit for me.
She told me that she would, but there would be less beads. I agreed. Fastforward to two weeks before new year’s eve: I was in a total panic! Bills were due, Christmas flew by like it never happened, and I ended up telling everyone that I would make it up to them during Chinese new year.
Ugh! And, this is only the beginning! Only one of the original outfits was purchased. The sexy superhero looking one was not purchased. I no longer had any time. I arrived early to the Renaissance Hotel for the FunAsia Radio one. I barely had enough time to eat before one of my sisters came to take me to tge second new year’s eve party. The Old Red Museum was located in downtown Dallas.
My sister could not find a place to park at all. In fact, she had to drop me off at the nearest hotel to get ready so that she could park her vehicle. As a result, that waa the last time that I saw her that night. We lost each other.
My beautiful dress was made two sizes too small in the back part and she had to walk two miles just to get into the party hosted by 97.9 The Beat. It was a nightmare for both of us trying to make it to that party.
I changed outfits, put on that gorgeous dress with the back part that was too small, took some selfies, covered my back up with a coat, took a picture with the castle behind me, walked into the party, and left the party immediately after I saw that coats were being collected.
Not only that, my phone died after I took a nice photo with the castle behind me.Ugh! The horror! So, I ended up sitting at a Hilton hotel stewing.I just had to pray that my sister was O.K. and that she would make it home safely whenever she reached home. I sat brooding in the hotel chair as the countdown and fireworks could be heard popping in the distance somewhere outside of the hotel.
That was O.K. though, because I really did not want to be in Dallas for new year’s eve anyway. So, I was in the right place: the Hilton Hotel, where I could think of my next plans to have a better new year’s eve at one of my top 20 dream destinations. My sister made it back home O.K. Thank God. I told her that next time I will make sure that I will not schedule any parties or events anywhere where it is located in a downtown location.

My baby sister picked me up. Because I missed out on the castle one, I will be visiting an actual castle in Europe. The only reason why I booked the Old Red Museum party was because of that beautiful castle building. It is lovely.
Oh well. Onward towards Scotland futurewise. Once I finally

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