Gum Drop Lane

Let’s go here near Swiss Bane.

Around the corner is Gum Drop Lane.

The trees taste like green apple.

The river pours fruit punch Snapple.

Although, it is hot outside. Everything is the same.

With the sun shining it sure feels like a sizzler.

From the root of the tree up to the tree leaves, it is made out of a Twizzler.

Charlie and I are quite excited.

Rumors were spread that he is a louse.

They are not true, because he beat me to Sarah’s grandma’s gingerbread house!

What a wild ride!

However, there was more to find out once we stepped inside.

Eventhough duty calls, both of us had to ignore that.

It approached dinner time.

This was more exciting than being at The Five and Dime.

Next, we all stood outside with silver pots in our hands to catch our food.

Not long after that it started raining meatballs!

It was a party everywhere!

The neighborhood threw confetti.

Chef Boyardee pulled into the driveway and gave us spaghetti.


What a heck of a dinner!

Once the clouds dropped sheets of garlic bread, our meal was complete.

What a winner!

The day was still young.

Charlie and I left that gingerbread house on the double.

Both of us felt like getting into some trouble.

Two blocks away both Charlie and I were taken by surprise.

There stood a feast before our disbelieving eyes.

No one felt bereft.

Both of us ate until we felt sick.

After that we left.

Once we got home we turned on the T.V. and watched the Betty Crocker news.

Strawberry shortcake was hysterical.

The question was: what did she lose?

She pressed charges on the big bad wolf.

While being interviewed, the big bad wolf was quiet as a church mouse.

In addition, Strawberry Shortcake claimed that he ate her house.

Then, she yelled while being interviewed, calling the big bad wolf a « flake ».

It was hard to believe the fit she was having. She looked like a cute little red headed, and freckle faced kid.

Once me and Charlie’s memory registered, we felt guilt at the things that we did.

Neither of us knew that the beautifully sculpted masterpiece belonged to someone.

My, oh my what an exquisite giant piece of strawberry shortcake!

Charlie and I were so guilt ridden that we headed for Blueberry Hill, to venture on another turf.

Now, Strawberry Shortcake needed a new home.

So, we went to visit Papa Smurf.

Yeah. The Smurfs are number one.

They did not disappoint.

Because, they got the job done!

There was yet still time to have a little more fun.

Next, both Charlie and I looked towards the horizon.

Then, he asked me, « Are you insane? »

In return, I asked him, « Are you ready to go back to Gum Drop Lane? »

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