The Insecure Writer’s Group: March 2019

Well, February was a weird month for me. After New Year’s eve and New Year’s day rolled around, it seemed like I had plenty of time to plan for the month of February and March. I did have plenty of time.
However, my plans got seriously fucked up. This time my job fucked my plans up. They did a 360° fuck-up on everything.
I guess I’ll start with how my employer fucked me up. Seriously, they caused all of my plans to go awry. Because of it, I was stranded in Detroit.
Once I made it out of Detroit, I made it to Chicago, Illinois. It was bad down there in the month of February.
It was snowing and shit in Chicago!😣Now, there were a few good highlights during my trip though. However, I guess I will continue talking about the bad shit.
Mardi Gras never happened for my second oldest sister and I. Even with penny pinching, it just didn’t happen. We didn’t get to stay at the Horseshoe Casino, didn’t get to eat Louisiana’s best cajun/creole food, didn’t get a chance to taste « king cake » for the first time, didn’t get a chance to attend any of the Marsi Gras parades, didn’t get a chance to attend any of the various « Krewe » balls, didn’t get a chance to be in the « Fat Tuesday » parade, didn’t get a chance to use the services of one of the best makeup artists in Shreveport, and more.
To continue, We didn’t get to party anywhere, didn’t get the chance to shop for Mardi Gras costumes, masks, accessories, and more.😰
Also, we barely were able to cover our hotel deposit fees. Last but not least, we went home empty handed, except for a few cookies from Wal-Mart, and the remainder of my sister’s chocolate wine that she already had before we left Texas for Shreveport, Louisiana.
However, we did get a little rest, snacked on Valentine’s sweets, sandwich meat, chips, soda pop, junk food, and had one meal. Since it was still Chinese New Year celebration time, we were fortunate to go to a Chinese buffet there.
It turns out that Sumo Buffet is now a favorite place of mine. My God! I am not a fan of Chinese fried rice unless it is made at home. However, Sumo knocked it out of the ballpark! Wow!
Their fried rice and many other menu items are fantastic! Anyway, that was our one meal that we had. Totally scrumptious! I was in a panic by the end of February. I was rushing to try to make things happen.
No such luck. My African skirt arrived for the Krewe of Harambee ball that I was unable to attend. My bodysuit arrived, too. Yet, I couldn’t purchase anything else. In addition to these series of disappointments back to back, there remained one big problem that really had me worried: I had a flight ticket to Detroit with no way back!😰
There is more to this. But, no need to mention my family drama that played a part in this. It would take until Christmas for me to tell you about it.😂😂😂
However, because I spent so many duckets to get to Detroit(my hotel stay, etc.), there was no way in hell that I was going to cancel my plans and not go! Shiyat! 😒😔Next, February 23rd, 2019, my flight to Detroit was hell.
I was seated where all of the babies were. And, they were screaming their heads off!😣I think that parents should put cotton balls in their babies ears and add ear muffs to help combat air pressure and shit(if that is the problem for their screaming).
It may help them and passengers to have a nice quiet ride wherever they need to go. In mid flight we were in bad weather. Talking about scary! My damn!
Woo! By the grace of God we made it to Detroit safe and sound.😌Once I got off that plane, it was cold as fuck in Detroit. It was so cold that my fucking face started hurting. For some reason I kept getting told to go in the wrong direction to catch the public transit bus by cab drivers and airport staff.
Later on I found out that the usual public transit bus stop changed or something(route). However, one airport employee guided me in the right direction.
Being led this way and that caused me to become very tired and frustrated. Eventhough I wanted to snap so many pictures of the beautiful airport, I could not, because both of my cellphones were running out of space(even with a memory card😒)!
It is beautiful inside of the Detroit Metropolitan Wayne County Airport. It looks like a luxurious mall to me. It really is beautiful!😍😍😍Unfortunately, it was time to go.
I arrived after check-in(3:00 P.M.)and I was excited to go and see my hotel room. I booked through So, I just knew that my reserved 3.5* room was going to be nice.
After experiencing more setbacks I finally hopped onto the Detroit transit bus and made it to the intersection of Griswold(downtown Detroit). It was now dark, I was already three hours late for check-in, and I started to get a little worried.
Yet, I was excited. How nice was my room going to be? What does Detroit night life look like? Will I stay near the Motown Museum? These were some of the questions that ran through my mind.
Here came the bus! The bus to take me to the hotel arrived. Yay! O.K. I was ready to see some of Detroit’s finest homes and stuff. I mean mansions, beautiful well trimmed green grass lawns, and the whole shabang!😄
Shit. Bullshit.😒😔I saw ciry, shitty parts, no green grass, heaps of snow, great eateries, tons of Coney Islands, no mansions, and an eerie feeling once we passed…….Eight Mile???!!!😳😰😰😰😰Eight Mile? Eleven Mile? Twelve Mile? O.K. Two seconds of excitement about thinking about the movie Eight Mile.
But, what the fuck? Where in the fuck is my nice 3.5* hotel at? Oh, shit. Inner City. Nice eateries. But, I’m afraid to eat or else I’ll be totally…….stone cold B.R.O.K.E.!
Finally, after Eleven Mile I made it to the 3.5* hotel. O.K. Nice hotel. Nice hotel. Here I go. I got off the bus and walked about a block and a half. The hotel looked nice…..from afar!😣😣
There I was standing exactly about less than one foot from the hotel. There were plenty of nice photos of the hotel’s exterior online. But, what the fuck?😳This hotel wasn’t 3.5*!😳Oh, my fucking God!😳God! Please tell me that another desperate raggedy hotel did not lie to about their star rating!😭😭😭😢Please, God! Please! This happened to me in Chicago! This happened to me in Shreveport(except the Holiday Inn in Shreveport was nice. But, not the other hotel there)! 😳😢
I didn’t deserve to be in a raggedy ass low down overrated hotel! does not deserve to be lied to, either. That puts in jeopardy and furure loss of business.
Other than that, was good to me in the past. I don’t know what the fuck is going on right now (other than desperate raggedy hotels lying about their star rating). I just can’t say any more about this hotel.😢
It was so raggedy and downhill that I wore two sets of clothes to bed!😣😰However, their restaurant more than made up for my woes. Although I hated to spend any more money, I had to.
I needed to eat. That restaurant made a lasting impression on me. I’ll be back to eat there when I finally revisit Detroit. Because, I have yet to visit the Motown Museum and my mom’s ex best friend, who is also my baby sister’s Godmother. Yeah, that place had some of the best french fries that I have ever eaten in years.
I’m talking about since Wendy’s stopped making steak size french fries in the 1990’s. That far back!😀Anywho, I was just so fucking tired that I just went ahead and took my food to my room.
Yeah. I walked back upstairs hoping that the next day would be a better and brighter one. Because, after 9:00 P.M. new year’s eve 2018 through this period in time sure was shitty.
I ate what I could before sleep took over. The next morning I went downstairs to eat breakfast. Since the hotel was shirty, but the restaurant was great, I at least thought that the complimentary breakfast was going to be « off the chain ».
Shiyat.😒😔That is all I have to say about that.😔The bagels were wonderful though. Next, I browsed the internet a little before 10:00 A.M. and looked forward to staying at the Motorcity Hotel & Casino. I certainly hoped that my stay there would at least be O.K.
Next, I checked out from this shitty hotel and boarded the bus. The bus driver was late!😔It was even colder outside!😳😰He was a nice bus driver though.And, he showed me the next stop to get off.
Because of that, I felt a little less irritated. Finally, I boarded the next bus to go back downtown. Once I finally made it downtown, I waited almost an hour before the next bus.
In fact, I waited too damn long. As a result, I ended up walking one block into a business and inquired about the bus’s arrival. After being redirected to the bus stop that I just left, I stood and waited again for the next bus(another setback all because the lady bus driver was late as well).
It was Sunday February 24th, 2019! Do you know what that meant? This was the day that I was to see Morris Day & The Time! Finally, I made it to the Motorcity Hotel & Casino! One of the valets pointed me in the right direction towards the check-in desk.
So, I walked from the parking lot into the adjoined building , entered the hotel part, snapped some photos, and was able to check in. After I checked in, I got on Facebook to check in and lo and behold……….it showed that I checked in on Facebook already after 10:00 A.M.!😳😰😰At that time I hadn’t even left that shitty hotel yet!😰I was like what the fuck?😳At the time I wasn’t even sure if I even had money for a hotel deposit!😰😰For the time being I decided to mentally shrug that off and figured that errors from Facebook happen from time to time.
Oh, my God! The Motorcity Hotel and Casino in Detroit is absolutely gorgeous inside!😍😍😍😍It is lovely, chic, cozy, and luxurious all at the same time! Wow! Shortly after receiving my hotel room and key, I received a pleasant surprise. Hors devors were served on the 15th floor from 5-7 P.M.!
Although I was tired as hell because I did not have a comfortable and nice time at the other hotel, I decided to stay up, soak, bathe, and get dressed for the evening’s hors devors and later on The Time’s concert.
Oh, my God! The hors devors were totally scrumptious! We had beef empanadas, miniature egg rolls, and other things that were so delicious. Right after I left from eating hors devors, I returned to my room to freshen up and head to the conceet at Soundboard.
A little after 7:30 P.M. I made it to the Sound Board, went through security, and was shown where my seat was. I was sooooooooo excited!😜😁😁😁😀😄Finally, I sat down and got settled in.
There was some type of female group that was the opening act. They sung an array of old school songs. They were pretty good. Not bad at all. Next, show time!(to be continued)…

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