The Insecure Writer’s Group: March 2019: Part II


Woohoo! Bits and pieces of the movie Purple Rain played on the giant screen. One could hear the excitement in the air. There was cheering, clapping, and screaming.😀As you can see (if you followed my last Insecure Writer’s Group post), there were photos that I snapped from the stage. The photos were from the Purple Rain clip that was playing. Also, as the band played and I myself was screaming along with other audience members(while clapping and dancing in between), my mind took a trip doen memory lane: back to the 1980’s. After the Purple Rain film clip, the band opened with « 1999 »!
Oooooohwee! That moment! 😍😍😍😍😁I had to put my phone down to dance throughout the concert. The Time was awesome!😄Although Jimmy Jam and Terry Lewis were not present, it was still awesome. Miki Free was there playing the guitar!😳😄Although Jerome Benton was absent, Jerome, jr. was there.😀All of the hits were played and Morris sang them all, from « 777-4311 » to « Jungle Love ». Morris Day even sang « D.M.S.R. ».😄Man, I just cannot say enough.😜One lady almost spoiled my moment.😒
So, I was like fuck that!😣I refused to let her spoil my fun by constantly chattering throughout the entire concert.😔Intermission is O.K. But, not while the performer is performing.😔😒Also, I did not let people who kept moving in and out of their seats ruin it for me, either. Next, (during the concert)Morris invited female audience members to go onstage and dance. It was totally hilarious.😄😂😂😂
All in all, the concert was totally lit, the shit, and then some from start to finish. I came in feeling totally excited, curious, and was not disappointed at all. In fact, I left feeling great! 👍 A special moment in time.😄💝My day was a great one from the moment I entered those casino doors. I’m just surprised that groups such as: The Revolution, The Time, Sheila E., The Family, Andre Cymone, and more are not touring together and performing in the same concert as well.😳Anyway, after the concert I returned to my room and prepared for bed. But, not before I munched on some tasty treats and drink.😉
Afterwards, I finally went to bed. Monday, February 25th, 2019, I made sure that I got up and went to get some breakfast(back to the 15th floor). Oh, boy! Anywho, breakfast consisted of an assortment of muffins, fruit, and stuff(a nice colorful array of a continental breakfast). I wanted to take some of the stuff with me on the road, because not only was I not hungry at the time, I was not really ready to go.
Next, I returned to my room, finished packing, left my room, greeted one of the housekeepers, and checked out of the hotel. The weather was sunny, beautiful, and very cold.😒Sure it was cold. But, it was beautiful outside. My next task was to get home.😰After I received my deposit money back from the hotel, I began to walk to the nearest Walgreens downtown.
Then, I ordered my bus ticket to make it to Chicago. Because I needed a route to go as close as I could go to make it home, Chicago was the only option to choose in order to travel by riding on the Megabus. It seemed like an eternity to get my Megabus ticket printed at the Kinkos located downtown Detroit. Finally, after almost an hour of struggling to get my email confirmation sent, so that the Kinkos clerks could print my confirmation, I received my print out and began the next task.
That was to find out where and how far the Rosa Parks bus station was, so that I could wait for the bus. It did not take long to walk there. The building itself looked really cool!😳It reminded me of rhe famous Sydney Opera House that is located in Australia.😍😍😍The building looked in between that and the sail part of a sailboat(in my opinion). Once I made it inside of the transit center, I approached security and inquired about where the Megabus would be parked. After I was told where to wait, I waited(in between doing other things). That afternoon it was time to board the bus.
Upon boarding, it was then that I discovered that eventhough one paid for a Megabus ticket, one does not always board one. Megabus is pretty much a new company in tge United States. So, I guess until that company has a huge fleet of double decker buses, travelers may have to ride other buses sometimes. So, off we went(bus driver, passengers, and I).
Along the way was an incident on our bus on the way. This young white guy passed out. It pissed some of the passengers off, because everyone needed to go where they needed to go and be where they needed to be on time. I don’t know why the dude passed out. But, he had like an empty bottle of liquor of something in his posession. The police and fire department were great in what they did. However, it seemed like it took forever to get to the bus!😰😒We passed one town and we were less than 15 minutes past the nearest hospital that we just passed! However, that hospital was not where the dude was going.
Finally, we were back on the road towards Chicago, Illinois.😌(to be continued)….


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