The Insecure Writer’s Group: March 2019: Part III


I had heard in advance that Chicago’s weather at this time was horrific. However, there was nothing that I could do about my travel itinerary, because Greyhound was just too fucking expensive to ride.🤨
Next, I made it to Chicago. It was cold as hell.☹I waited all night long to get a way back home. However, this time it was with more unfortunate mishaps.
First, this old black dude kept bothering travelers off and on at the Chicago bus station. I don’t know what his purpose was. However, I was able to avoid him for a moment.
Unfortunately, as the night wore on he began to irritate the fuck out of me. Then, he irritated the fuck out of the security guard. I tried to be as nice as I could towards old dude.
Well, the security guard had enough of the guy. I guess he decided to inquire old dude’s purpose of being at the bus station. Old dude got upset. Then, a passenger got upset at the security guard and caused a scene. Old dude walked away like he was an angel and a cat that caught the canary at the same time. The angry traveler made her point, but refused to shut the fuck up. She went on and on for what seemed an eternity.
By the end of the night old dude bugged the fuck out of me, again until I gave him change after asking me like twice. If he wasn’t asking me for money, it was for napkins or whatever bullshit.
I really was hot by now but managed to remain calm.
I so wanted to tell him to piss off. After I gave him most of my change, he finally left me the fuck alone. I really needed that change to eat with, too. I was damn near on the verge of shedding tears by then.😒😔
Next, not long after I received a wire transfer of funds from family, my funds quickly disappeared off my card, temporarily preventing me from making it back home!😲😱
What the fuck?😱😨I had to buy two tickets to make it back home. But, only one ticket was purchased. Why? Because, after I bought one ticket to make it to St. Louis, Missouri, my card denied authorization to make it from St. Louis back to Grand Prairie, Texas. 😠
I could not believe that shit!🤬In addition, online prices seemed to fucking skyrocket by the mother fucking second!😦😬😲☹What the fuck? So, what was a bitch to do?😟 Well, while both Megabus and Greyhound’s ticket prices began increasing online by the second, I had to choose whose ticket prices were cheaper at the moment.
Surprisingly, it was Greyhound! As a result, I ended up purchasing my second bus ticket from Greyhound. This situation was horrible!😠I had to walk in the fucking snow and shit!🤬I got all frost bitten and shit.🤬It was so fucking cold out there that you just couldn’t get pissed off at anyone.🤨And, if one did, I’m sure that their angry face would freeze into place!😂
After purchasing my Greyhound ticket, I walked back to the downtown Chicago Greyhound bus station and picked up my bus ticket to make it to St. Louis.😌
Once I stood in line to get my ticket, I then began to sit down and call the card company to see what the fuck was going on about my declined authorization.
And, guess what the fuck happened? Some mother fucking son of a bitch purchased an Eventbrite ticket somehow! Tell me something. How in the fuck can this shit happen while I was awake without sleep over a 24 hour period and the card was in my posession the whole mother fucking time(except when I made prchases, transactions, etc)!
My inquiring mind definitely had to know! Meanwhile, while discussing this problem with the card company, I was told that this same bastard bought a $61 Eventbrite ticket with my card funds, to attend some fucking event in Miami, Florida! What the hell?
My ass may never go to the state of Florida! Aside from centuries of racism against blacks there, there are monkeys going wild there and alligators/crocodiles munching on humans like they are bags of Cheetos!
Fuck no! I will not go to the fucking state of Florida! My problem at that moment: how in the fuck was I going to get home from St. Louis, Missouri once I left Chicago, Illinois? Well, the first step was to contact Eventbrite about this problem. In addition, the step after that was to contact the card company back. Guess what?
Eventbrite does not have customer service!😒Although it clearly showed that I have not made a purchase since purchasing tickets for February’s My Big Fat Desi Wedding(which included speed dating), I still had a problem! I had to contact the card company, again! So, after speaking with them(again)I was told not to be surprised if my card was changed, again for the same purchase. What the fuck?
Finally, my funds were returned to my card. But, I still had this same problem looming over me, eventhough I was able to purchase my bus ticket home. Now, I had another problem.
My itinerary revealed that I was going to go from Saint Louis, Missouri to the state of Tennessee first! What the fuck? That’s fucking backwards! How horrible! This meant  more hours staying awake and being cold!
I really did not mind this at the time, because once I made it to Saint Louis, Missouri, I was going to « holla » at a friend of mine(I already knew of them and met them in person, but ended up befriending them on Facebook through them requesting me to be their Facebook friend).
Shit really turnt up by the time I made it to Saint Louis. I had to wait almost a full day in Saint Louis(over 12 hours anyway). Not long after I arrived in Saint Louis, I got on Facebook to look up my friend to see what they were doing(and to check if I could hang out with them).
Oh, boy. I got unfriended by them on Facebook! What the fuck? That was alright. I wasn’t mad about it. They were the ones who made the request ro be my Facebook friend. Not the other way around.
O.K. Visiting my now former Facebook friend was now out of the question. Next, there was another mishap. This time it was at the Greyhound bus station where I waited, located in Saint Louis.
Some lady went bonkers and disturbed the peace. As a result, she was escorted out in handcuffs. After that long and horrid day passed, I made it to Tennessee and onwards towards Texas from there. Unfortunately, there was one more mishap.
It dealt with arriving in Grand Prairie, Texas. There is no need to mention that though, because I personally took care of that one myself. Once I made it back to Grand Prairie, the last thing for me to do was to get me a ride home.
So, I did just that. Although I knew that by the time I made it back home , someone was going to eat my hot dogs and hot links. That was O.K. I planned on eating something else.
Finally, I made it back. Everything was hunky dory at the Motorcity Hotel and Casino. And, Morris Day & The Time concert left a lasting impression for the best.😉
Until next time people. I bid you adieu. 👋 👋 👋

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