The Divorce Party

Over one year ago my sister got married

It was hurried.

In fact, she eloped.

It was mostly a secret.

Once it was said and done, as a family we all coped.

Man, it is truly amazing.

Sometimes I even have to sigh.

She is now divorced from this character of a guy.

Not even two years have passed by!😔

Eventually, some of us family members met the dude.

He S.E.E.M.E.D. polite without being rude.

Although, my sister went off to elope.

I wanted to do something great without being a dope.

So, as most people I feel should do, I assumed the position.

I planned to give my sister a put together reception the best way that I knew how with the kind of budget that I had, with her permission.

It was to have been a festive occasion. She just married a new man!

But, once the food started coming in shit started hitting the fan!

My sister truly fit the definition of a blushing bride.

Her kids seemed alright with it.

Her face seemed to glow full of pride.☺

I ordered round one and two of cakes and catered food.

This was so cool!

I was in a joyous and festive mood!

What a grand thing this was to be!

The best things yet were to come in round three!

First thing was first.

All of a sudden, things took a downward turn for the worst.

Round three was stalled.

There was an interruption in proceeding with the third course.

My sister’s new husband now wanted to hurry and get a divorce!

Man, where was the romance?

This man seemed to not even give this marriage a chance!


The party must continue, I pray.


The idea is quite genius.

Quite smarty.😜

The third course was saved for the permitted divorce party!🎉 🎉 🎉

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