Long Shot

Starring: Seth Rogen and Charlize Theron

Special Appearances by: Boyz II Men

« From the people who brought you Neighbors and This Is the End. »

In theaters today

Director: Jonathen Levine

Writers: Dan Sterling and Liz Hannah

Screenplay: Dan Sterling


A.J. Dix(p.g.a.), Evan Goldberg(p.g.a.), Barbara A. Hall(executive producer), Beth Kono(p.g.a.), Kelli Konop(executive producer), James Weaver(p.g.a.), Charlize Theron(p.g.a.), Seth Rogen(p.g.a.), Jonathan McCoy(line producer, additional photography, line producer: Columbia unit), John Powers Middleton(executive producer), Dan Sterling(executive producer)

Cast: Charlize Theron(Charlotte Field),Seth Rogen(Fred Flarsky), June Diane Raphael, O’Shea Jackson, Jr.(Lance, Fred Flarsky’s best friend), Alexander Skarsgard, Randy Orton, Andy Serkis, Bob Odenkirk, Randall Park, Lil Yachty, Claudia O’Doherty, Ravi Patel, Paul Scheer, Kurt Braunohler, James Saito, Tristan D. Lalla

Rated R
2 hours 5 minutes


I am not going to lie. This movie was excellent from start to finish! And, Seth Rogen shined from beginning to end! Here you have people who not only have the nerve of a brass ass monkey to tackle the boring and controversial world of politics, they totally rocked at making it interesting as a movie trailer, totally successful at pulling this off, and making it worth watching!👀 👀 👀
Wow! It made people in the political field seem more human once Seth’s character(Fred Flarsky)and his best friend(Lance, played by O’Shea Jackson, Jr.)enter the scene. Before that, it looked like people in politics were a bunch of hardballs, and bitches, who hid too many secrets while living a life of lies and danger.
Politics is totally uninteresting and boring as shit to me. It is so shitty, that it remains a mystery to me that there are passionate people out there who mistreat others and burn flags to get their points across.
Anyway, I have not been so entertained at watching something as hilarious and entertaining with this type of subject matter(politics)as this since watching the presidential race with our current president #
45, Donald Trump and Hilary Clinton!😂😂😂😜😝Oh, my God!😂😂😜😝Wow!I laughed throughout the entire movie!😂😂😂😜😝
Not only that, I thought it was great that comedy was the #1 element throughout the entire movie. Without it, I think that it would have been so/so.
Now that I have seen this movie, it makes me think: I think that the people who were responsible for writing this movie should lend a helping hand in making the movie Coming to America the sequel!👏 👏 Yes!
Anywho, Fred Flarsky(Seth Rogen)is a serious and passionate writer, who has an unconventional way of doing things regarding his writing career. Once he quits his job, his best friend Lance(O’Shea Jackson, Jr.)not only comes to his rescue, his best friend becomes the « wild card », by giving Fred the confidence he needs to do things.
And, inviting Fred to see one of his favorite singing groups causes the ball to start rolling into action in Fred’s life towards…..😝😝😜😜😂I will not tell you!😝😝😝😜😂😊Meanwhile, Charlotte Field(Charlize Theron)makes her little debut as Fred’s former childhood crush and babysitter.
Now, she is a smoking hot sexpot dressed so drab in the boring world of politics. One look at her on television sends him back down memory lane.
And, this « wild card » of a chance to see Boyz II Men puts Charlotte and Fred together, again where two lives collide and make history in more ways than one. The only thing that I did not like about this movie were the drugs. Seth’s character Fred is a dopehead.😞😣
Although he is cool, I find it sad that it takes illiegal drugs for him to make it through the day.😔Sure there are « hee-hee haha » moments regarding situations involving these drugs. However, Let’s face it: drugs have fucked up many people’s lives and have had disastrous results in the end where there are no survivors sometimes.
It is just bad all the way around, from the drug pusher, the person who offers and/or forces drugs on people, etc. All in all, I give this movie 4 out of 5 stars.🎆🎆🎆🎆🎆In the area of politics, who can beat this one?
I don’t know. Because, this is the funniest political movie so far(in my opinion).😂😂😂

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