R.I.P. LaRhonda Marzette: Part III


I moved back to Oklahoma. This time I lived in Tulsa. So did LaRhonda! We were both in a bad place in life. It turned out that a cousin of LaRhonda’s with a baby named Oscar, stayed in the same shelter that I did!😳
I had taken her significant other to apply at the Hilton hotel downtown and he made me late picking up my child from school, because he did not tell me that he had a fucking ride!😒Anyway, this cousin of LaRhonda’s told me that she didn’t know LaRhonda like that. This was the only cousin that I met of LaRhonda’s who didn’t know LaRhonda well.
This was weird to me, because LaRhonda seemed pretty close to most of her cousins. By the time I met up with LaRhonda this time, she told me that she lost custody of her children. I lost custody of my kid, too.
She told me that her sister had custody of her kids though. LaRhonda did not go into detail with me at the time how she lost hers. At the same time, LaRhonda was a young grandmother!
That was a real shock to me. Her second oldest child was already a teenage mom. However, she turned into a beauty. All of this was shocking and my childhood friend took all of this in stride.😔All of this was a lot to take in. LaRhonda was going through hell and I was living in mine. It was September 2008.
Later that year I got approved through Tulsa Housing Authority to live in Comanche Apartments. Both of us were living in our own separate hells. When I could I would call her back and forth off and on while she seemed like she began living from pillar to post(one place to another).
One time I saw her crying really hard while I was in a taxi, en route to see my child so that I could have a parental visit. By the time the year 2011 rolled around, it seemed like things were looking up for LaRhonda.
She told me that she moved into a house and was gping to start taking some classes or something. My kid was released from foster care to family in Texas. And, I was left to pick up the horrific pieces of the aftermath from when my child was in a kiddy shelter then placed in different foster homes.
At the same time, I continued to battle unemployment, homelessness again. I experienced this across the state lines of Texas and Oklahoma.😔😒Although, it seemed as if hell on Earth could not get any hotter, LaRhonda and I never lost a single step in continuing our friendship!💝💝💝💝💝
One day nearly two years ago I was chatting with some of my almost 5,000 friends. I began reminiscing down memory lane about old friends and former colleagues from childhood all the way through my college years.
I browsed those who were active, non-active, etc. And, lo and behold! I saw LaRhonda’s Facebook page! I should have contacted my late friend Lloyd Moss, jr., too(R.I.P.). He was a childhood friend of mine since 1992.
I knew him from when we both worked at the Sonic Drive-In in Muskogee, Oklahoma. But, I didn’t want to bother Lloyd. He was still married. We used to hang out. Next, I contacted LaRhonda and she contacted me back!
That was so special to me. My special friend!💝💝💝💝💝I was so proud of this that I shared the fact that LaRhonda and I had been friends for over thirty years. It was something to be proud of to me. As a result, I shared this glorious information on Facebook!😁😀😛😜💝My childhood friend became my Facebook friend! Yeeeeeeeeeeeeehaaaaaaaaaaaaaw!!!!😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😀😀💝💝💝We chatted back and forth every now and then. We emoji waved back and forth. Cute little corny stuff.😁😀It was so awesome! Last year October 2018 I returned to Tulsa on an errand. And, I made it a point to see her. So, I contacted her as soon as I arrived in Tulsa.
I never heard back from her that day. Once I returned to Texas I inquired why I did not hear back from her. Next, I told her that I would return at a future date to try and see her, again.
It didn’t matter to me if she stayed in a hotel. I have done that before, too. She was struggling, again. No problem. I was her friend. I had a job at the time. A rather shitty one, where no one was sure if they were going to be canned next(fired). As time passed by we were still cool.
She followed me on Instagram and I followed her back. Hey, hey, now! Girlfriend was moving on up!👏 👏 👏 She started an Instagram account!☺😜😛👏 👏 👏 March 2019 rolled around and she left me a message that she missed me.
Truthfully, I thought that this message in particular was really weird, because I told her that I planned to visit her soon. I left a message on her Facebook page early in April after she tried to get in touch with her oldest daughter. I asked about her beautiful oldest daughter.
LaRhonda joked about her daughter’s hips.😀That was the last time that I heard from my friend. Next, I made a comment to my coworker that I should check on LaRhonda.
Four days after chatting with LaRhonda on Facebook, I found out that she died. She died four days later!!!😢😢😢Rest in Heaven, my beautiful down to Earth friend. You will truly be missed forever and ever.
Amen. 🙏 🙏 🙏 🙏 🙏 🙏 🙏 🙏 🙏 🙏 🙏 🙏

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