Those Precious Moments

The gift of life is the best gift.

Ten fingers. Ten toes.

The gender of your sex is yet to be revealed.

No one knows.

My desires concerning your facial features were simple.

One of those was for you to posess the famous family trait.

That was to have more then one dimple.

You were so fragile.

Teeny tiny.

You were quiet as a church mouse.

I was blessed with a baby that was not whiny.

The best blessing that I ever had.

And, what was so touching was that you looked just like your dad.

Your cute little nubbin nose.

His same hair color.

Those soft rosy cheeks.😍😍😍😍😍😍

I was a new mommy.

Not yet ready to strike a pose.

Breast milk was your dinner.

A turkey sandwich and a pickle was my meal that I picked from the menu.

Right now I will continue where I left off with this poem this Mother’s Day 2019.

That is what I will do.

(to be continued)……

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