Is You Is O’ Is You Aint(inspired by De La Soul’s background beat « Saturday’s »)?

Is you is o’ is you ain’t?

You say blur.

I say quaint.

The neighbor’s dog barks in the front lawn.

Me and my husband make love until the break of dawn.

Sometimes it is great to do a derox fast.

At times I reminisce of Christmas past.

I am here.

He is there.

Spongebob Squarepants is a square.

Be nice and respectful to the next fellow.

One of the cheapest treats is a marshmallow.

Today is a great day(I think).


Hurry up before I faint.

The question remains unanswered.

Is you is o’ is you ain’t?

Note: I love the rap group De La Soul. « Saturday’s » is one of many of their songs that I love, too. As I listened to this song in particular, I had a pretty cool idea to write something short as I enjoyed the song and beats to this very song.😁😀😄
Some years before this, I wrote this title, but did not write any poetry content on paper. And, just last year I saw that this very title was on a black and white Looney Tunes clip(‘Is You Is Or Is You Ain’t Gonna Be My Baby’😂😂😂😂💝)

For reference, you can hear their song on YouTube:

And, I tried my lyrics out to this one:

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