Venus: Part II

(continued)……Although her name was Sarah Baartman, her true given name remains a mystery.


Unfortunately, like billions of other slaves, Sarah was exploited, overworked, overused, mistreated, and more. Although her name continues to pop up, the scant information that is out there about her seems to be more than downplayed to me.
In fact, there seems to be such scant information about her, eventhough there was a movie done about her. Most of the movie to me seemed like it was a complete lie, just like the numerous omitted facts that were known to be intentionally not included in the details that were supposed to be on the books pertaining to slave records(numbers, names, etc.).
In addition, the only thing that looked like the truth to me was: at the very end, when a lot of her private parts were cut, collected, and put in jars.
And, her body itself was stuffed and put on display like a taxidermy animal.


Venus: The Theory

I think that she was treated like any other kind of slave, except for maybe withholding the lash. I think that she gave birth to children(I found out today that she did:

In addition, I think that all of her children lived and were raised by other people. Don’t you find it highly suspicious that all of her children died?

[I think that she was used as a fuck object. I think that she was fucked in all of her sex holes and was forced to perform many sex acts(as a prostitute:

[ I think that more « Hottentots » were ordered.


[I think that her private parts were big because:

objects used in the « rites of passage » to please her future African husband. And, her privates stretched after child birth.


(to be continued)……

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