Venus: Part III


I think that Sarah was African royalty. Lots of African royals were sent into the slave trade as slaves. Although I do not have any proof, here are some references of royals turned slaves.
This is only some. Just some folks:

6 African royals who were captured and sold into slavery

Sarah Forbes Bonetta: the Captive African Princess Gifted to Queen Victoria story is questionable)


There were a whole lot more royals than this. However, I will definitely admire you if you found more examples than me off of the internet. Countries all over the world have profited from having African slaves. The “cream of the crop” were taken. Royals were also sold by royals and were gathered along with other people to be slaves. In Africa, this was an easy way to take over nations and rivals. However, as far as who these people were, came from, what royal house, etc., many records just well, did not exist and/or were gotten rid of.

As far as references go, I’m going to include some references concerning warring royals, the slave trade, etc.




Up in Smoke: Slavery Researchers Decry Burning of Historical Records


Web results

“Brazil Slavery and Bondage Genealogy – FamilySearch Wiki
… importation of black slaves to Brazil began. 1761 Slaves were liberated in Portugal but not in Brazil. … 1890 The government ordered the destruction of many slave records. Brazil was the last nation in the Western …”
The Theory Continued……
I think that Sarah Baartman’s pipe was used more for use as a prop. To continue, I think that the court case that was made in her defense was a “failed bid” to save her life.
Rumors are that she was “christened” so that a mysterious member of a royal family could sleep with her.
Yet, she still died early. There is a lot of shit to be told here. I think that there was already a plot put in place to sell her body with all parts to the highest bidder. I think that she was put to sleep. If she did indeed die of Syphilis, or some sexually transmitted disease, shouldn’t there be a record of her symptoms and behavior until the very end, since she was used after death for science? I have read in stories about slaves being used as guinea pigs to die that there were records kept “in the name of science” about “progress” regarding successful or failed results due to research, whether it be behavior, etc.
Other people include: the “father of gynecology “, pyschologists, etc. I was also told this while growing up about the many monstrosities that slaves went through.
Let’s use this reference as an example:
There there was a royal family member who was known to have “gone mad” because he had a sexually transmitted disease. This royal family member was none other than Henry VIII.

7. Henry VIII

“Henry VIII is perhaps history’s most famous degenerate, so if any historical figure is going to wind up needing copious amounts of penicillin, you’d figure it would be him. And you’d be right, as ol’ Hank wound up boning his way to a bout with syphilis, and since it was the early 16th century there wasn’t a whole lot they could do for him aside from prayer, leeches and maybe burning some witches at the stake. Sadly, Henry probably passed on his syphilis to all his kids – his son and heir, King Edward VI, almost certainly died young from inherited syphilis – but hey, at least none of them were caught by paparazzi with their asses hanging out. I guess it was just a more dignified age.”

Mad, Bad and Dangerous to Know: Henry VIII’s medical history

O.K. So, there are written documents about King Henry VIII having symptoms of syphilis starting between 1527-1528. He survived almost twenty years with such symptoms!
Now, let’s look at “Sarah”. She was used for science in the end and survived less than two years after being given to Reux, an animal trainer. Her survival window after being given to Reux in Paris was 2 years. And, within this two year period, she suffered an infection and died very quickly. Hmmm….and sold for science? If she were not sold as profit for science, wouldn’t it have made perfect since for her to have lived at least another twenty years?
(to be continued)……..






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