Venus: IV


The only thing positive in her life was not in life at all. She met her fate blindly. It reminds me of this video:



But, then, I just don’t know which level is more evil.



After death, she was finally able to rest in peace: in 2002!




It took a royal, stripped of title, later known as president, to do the honorable and heroic deed to finally bring  “Sarah” back home. Her body and parts that were stored in jars and stuff by the French were finally brought back home to South Africa. The hero who made this possible was the late great Prince, who should have been King, but ruled as ruler despite the many obstacles and sorrows that were thrown his way.

It looks like destiny would have it that someone of her very own “possible” tribe would be the one to challenge and make sure that she would finally make it home. And, also great suffering was experienced by this great royal in his own life as well. This hero of a royal who made this possible is none other than the late great King turned President  Nelson Rolihlahla Mandela; Xhosa, born to the Thembu royal family(


Other references:

Note: Nelson’s dad was chief(yep. That’s king).



This is the story about “Venus”. She was regarded as “foreign”, a “freak”, a sex object, somewhat admired for having a large derrière, and other attributes. She may have even been responsible for being the inspiration behind the “bustle dress”.



Reference for fashion trend:


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(to be continued)…….


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