A Wife Swap Cracker Jack of A Surprise: Part II


And, if those family members do not want those items, then those items can be given to a clothing drive, or charity groups. Now, it was refreshing that Jermaine was given the chance to cook. And, maybe for the first time in his life he had to do his own scheduling.
Wow. I guess that definitely was different since most likely the scheduling of events, etc., has been done for him since childhood. Oh, when that truck came for Jermaine’s stuff!😂😂😂😂😂
Wow. He really laid down the law! I can see why he did not want to get rid of some of his clothes. Hell, if I spent money on clothes, I would not want to get rid of them, either(unless I had to and wear and tear, etc.).
Then, I thought maybe his refusal stemmed from growing up poor, until he and his family made it big. This giving away the clothes thing and clearing away clutter must have been difficult for him.
It’s too bad that this episode did not include a « makeover » edition. Maybe if he agreed to a wardrobe makeover, he would be willing to clear some of the clutter and update some of his performance attire.😳You know? Switch up to some funky threads.
Well, Isabella did what she was supposed to do. Because of Jermaine’s refusal to give away some clothing, suitcases, and locking himself in the closet, production had to stop temporarily.😔😔😔It would have been nice if he would have donated some « hand-me-downs » that he already worn.
With the « hand-me-downs », he could give them to poor family members of his or something.

Daniel Baldwin Family:

The Baldwin house seemed smaller and humble. It reminded me of a suburbia type of home. It looked like Daniel and his wife set up some pretty good family values, is kind of old school, and does not mind if the man cooks!😳😉
Daniel looks like he is a great cook! I thought it was hilarious when Halima said that she didn’t eat pork. And, it was pretty neat that she experienced doing household chores.
Also, it was cool to see that Daniel is a very active dad, who is involved with his son. When the tables turned, Daniel did household chores!😀Also, he and his son participated in yoga with Halima.😀😀💝💝
From watching this episode, I did see that the Baldwin family needed to eat healthier. To continue, Daniel and his son were great throughout the entire episode!😀Next, it was good that Jermaine Jackson participated in the round table gathering.
It looked like he enjoyed the cooking part. And, it seemed like Halima is a humble individual.

Six Week Update:

Daniel helped around the house more. The Baldwin family started going out to eat!😁😀Wow! Atticus(the son)received a new suit!👏 »Isabella vowed never to mess with someone else’s clothes, again. »
Yet, she decided ro clean out her own closet immediately. Wow!👏In the meantime, Oh, my God! The Jacksons provides no uodate!
Wow! What the fuck?!!!
Ohhhhhhhh……Jermaine! Why? Why, Jermaine?😣😣😣😒😒😒😔All in all, I think that this was one of the best and most surprising of all Wife Swap episodes. Later on down tge road I also enjoyed the Flava Flav one, too!😁😀😜

Reference: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=y4q3JXTTegk

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