Thank You, Mom!

Hello one and all. This includes my computer fam.

One day I was browsing on Instagram.

I read what one Canadian actress had to say.

It was so touching that it made me feel some type of way.

Like fingertips, it touched my mind and traveled down to my heart like a trail.

As I write this poem, the tears fall down like a well.

Sometimes emotions can be held back for so long that it becomes a shock when all it takes is one individual to bring them out in a shocking way.

When those emotions come, they can either hit one like a brick, or unravel softly like a cinnamon swirl that tastes so……mua! O.K.?

That moment in time is not now.

However, what that lady’s view concerning her mom made me say wow.

It made me do more than just blink.

It made me think.

Now it is time for me to break out the Folgers.

Because, it takes a lot after deciding to bring a child into this world.

Every mother in this world bares the courage of soldiers.

To know tgis, it does not take a peeping Tom.

However, I would like to take a moment to say thank you, mom.

Depending on the time the baby is in utero, it could be nine months.

Some women face doom.

All is not well for the cross that each woman has to bear when holding a child in her womb.

Temporarily, the stomach is a home for that child.

Not a tomb.

Thank you, mom for making room.

There was a lot that you had to do.

It was also a lot that you went through.

While living in the watery darkness of shade, a lot of decisions had to be made.

You went through this alone.

And, it took a lot of courage to make it on your own.

Although, there were so many things that you decided to lack.

You held your head high, remained steadfast, and never looked back.

You did it! You became the bravest of the brave and brought me into this world.

It is now that I reminisce and think of you while all is calm.

I just want to say…….thank you, mom!

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