The Eighteenth of May

The seventeenth of the month came and went.

The day before was well spent.

Everything was fine. In fact, it was all good.

I thought about ending yesterday with visiting a small circus.

Or, seeing a film: Bollywood.

It was now late.

I thought about going to get me something at the 7 Eleven.

A black cat crossed my path.

I am not superstitious.

More black cats are now being killed and sent to Heaven.

The time was now past eleven.

Over several hours more I had to wait.

Too late.

From the bench to the concrete I fell, lost control of my bladder, and temporarily had no gait.

Down I went as people continued on catching buses and trains as I fell forward like a heavy brick.

There were a few men who kept passing by me before I went down(as if waiting on something).

I missed the premiere of John Wick.

For a moment I was out like a light. When the weakness passed, eventhough I struggled, I got up.

My left side was fine.

However, my right side was limp and worse than a staggering pup.

At least I was able to stand up.

This morning was very unusual.

There was no doom.

However, I really struggled to make it to the bathroom.

My right hand could not move. Oh, baby!

To make matters worse, the bathroom door would not lock back in place to keep secure.

As a result, I got walked in on by the cleaning lady.

That was O.K.

I just needed to make it through this day.

I was going to make it. I had less than several hours to go to meet up with my mom.

So, back to the bus bench I had to walk.

Thank God I finally made it. However, there was one problem. A guy spoke to me and as I began to answer, a ball of emotions that I could not control came out.

This caused me to cry as I discovered that I could not talk!

I cried and cried and cried.

For some reason the crying emotion I could not control no matter how hard I tried!

All the guy did was ask me if I was alright.

I could not answer him at all. This strange crying emotion I could not control yet was strange.

What a fright!

As a result, this situation went left.

The dude thought that I was dead.

This situation definitely was not fun.

It seemed like an eternity for me to register to my mind to dial 9 on his cell phone to let him know that I needed 9-1-1.

Although the twists and turns of this day came to many stops, the heroes of this day were the Dallas cops.

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