Gas Lady

One cold and dreary night Margaret was tired and decided that it was time to rest for the night.

So, she said, « Oh well. It is time to check into a hotel. »

What a mess.

However, this slow night in particular was a night where she was not the only guest.

There was another.

The other one was dangerous.

It was another lady. Everywhere she went tanks of gas went off in a giant puff of smoke and fire.

She was the lady of war.

And, she was called upon to blow up desired spots around the world to create wars at the snap of her master’s fingers.

This happened whenever he desired.

She was dubbed « the gas lady ».This same gloomy night the gas lady crept into a mysterious lady’s room to set her on fire.

Next, she eased herself right in front of the bedroom mirror.

There stood Margaret. She saw a flash of something weird from the corner of her left eye.

Next, she had an uneasy feeling that caused goosebumps on both arms.

Then, she began to perspire.

In addition, Margaret remembered seeing a movie trailer years ago about covering mirrors to keep evil away.


Then, she smelled gas, continued sensing a presence near the mirror, and draped towels over the mirror.

Realization of what was to happen next seemed much clearer.

Next came something totally unexpected.

While smiling in the dark, Margaret lit the green cigarette lighter, stood very still, and waited for the gas lady who was a murderess for hire.

Then, Margaret casually asked the gas lady, « May I light your fire? »

Afterwards, Margaret dropped a lit match into the dark in the direction of the gas lady and remarked, « Ain’t it a bitch? »

As the fire spread on the now human formed who now responded, « You fucking witch! »

These original Halloween stories are for your enjoyment only.-King-Galaxius Stravinsky


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