Fat, plump, and the color of smoke.

His name was smoky.

That’s no joke.

Sarah called him Nicodemus, the odd bunny with no doom.

He sat in that cage still as stone without ever blinking an eye in the living room.

There he sat quietly without blinking, surviving trial and error, and many cases of his impending doom.

The kids were told that he was a magic bunny.


Sarah decided to buy something for him.

It was a Cat in the Hat hat.

« Go, Nicodemus! Go! Disappear into this magic hat! »

She also heard that Smoky talked to her brother Roman. As a result, that landed Roman in the hospital.

« Well, I’ll be damned! You’re no magic bunny! You don’t even have the sense of a bat! »

Onions sometimes have the smell of b.o. However, Sarah did not know how many times that Smoky narrowly escaped being cooked alongside a pot of carrots by Leo.

Nah. He thought that he was a better man than that.

The movie Fatal Attraction with Glenn Close was a small comfort to Leo as a matter of fact.

Time flew by. Sarah went away to college. One unpredictable day, the owner of the house had a heart attack that day.

An old co-worker’s husband took her car away.

Later on everyone had a frown.

The family house burned down.

The fire was big. That was definitely no joke.

While the entire family was away the house went up in smoke!

Yeah. The situation was definitely not funny. There was no insurance, nor money.

Before the incident, another addition was made to the family.

It was a beautiful little peanut butter brown colored baby girl bunny.

The fire was now contained.

The fire fighters finally put the fire out.

Lo and behold!

I pray that somebody tell me this story if I get old.

Peanut Butter Baby Girl and Smoky were alive and well!

Out of the smoke and fire they remained.

« Man, ain’t life funny?, » stated Sarah.

« I guess Nicodemus was a magic bunny. »


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