Lincoln In Her Closet

Here is the story of two little girls.

Both of them wore pigtails in the shape of Afro ball curls.

One of the little girls had a mom who was a great cook.

Dinner was at 5:00 P.M. It was leftovers.

Dessert was pecan clusters from Russell Stovers.

It was the weekend. And it was approaching ten at night.

Momma fell asleep. Both friends remained awake. They decided to watch scary movies while munching on candied popcorn.

However, they forgot to turn on the night light.

The taller girl’s name was Nguyen.

The other one was her best friend named Lynn.

Both girls were full of energy due to eating all of their sweets.

It was going to be a long night because both remained wired.

It would be hours before they would be tired.

Next came the hoot of an owl.

Both girls were curious.

So, they decided to meddle with things in the house.

They were on the prowl.

Off they explored through the house in the dead of night, until there was a little creaking noise coming from the den closet door.

Was the sound they heard a part of their imagination?

The sound was not heard anymore as they approached the den’s closet door.

Curiosity killed the cat.

Lynn’s tiny little hands opened the door and out flew a bat!

But, that was not all.

That bat caused both girls to be frightened.

As a result, Nguyen began to fall.

All of a sudden Lynn warned her friend to look up without moving an inch.

At that moment both girls saw the ghost of Abraham Lincoln in that closet!

By the next morning word got around town.

Before the end of the very next summer, the city tore the house down.



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