Ratatouille Red

For all of you guys who don’t know what’s up, this story is about ketchup.

Now, I just want to know who does not that sweet tomatoey taste on top of their fries?

Some use it to make barbecue sauce, or use it as a dip for their meat pies.

One time there was this guy named Fred.

He worked inside of a ketchup factory that was nicknamed « Ratatouille Red ».

Ketchup was made from end to end.

Sewer rats bred like rabbits there and seemed to be every worker’s best friend.

Hey, have you ever tasted fried bat?

Just think about it. That delicious french fry of yours may be part of a meaty tail or body part of a sewer rat!

Yeah, every now and then someone knew that rats and mice would end up in the great grinder.

As a result, people at Ratatouille Red turned their heads, shrugged their shoulders, and their eyes closed shut like a window blinder.

This ghastly story would never wake the dead.

Come one. Come all! Welcome to the Rat’s Haven: Ratatouille Red!


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