Calling Digable Planets

One evening while Patty was away, one of her sisters and brother decided to play.

Arnold Schwarzenegger is buff.

However, playing in their parents’ record collection was not enough.

That is right. Yes, Mister.

This night in particular was the night that both siblings decided to play from the music collection of Patty, their sister.

Their neighbor’s dog’s name was Hanets.

Next thing you know, Patty’s brother and sister took one of her tapes and began to play the cassette tape recorded by Digable Planets.

Fee fi fo.

Next thing you know, like a flash of light, something came out of the sky towards Patty’s brother and sister.

It was a U.F.O.!

Guilty as charged, Patty warned her siblings to stay out of her shit one day.

As quiet as a church mouse and as scared as a cowardly dog running with its tail between it’s legs, both siblings removed the tape and quickly ran back inside of the house.

That was the last time that both siblings played Digable Planets.

And, for the time being Patty remained the only one to enjoy listening to all of her own music. Additionally, she was able to enjoy other music that she bought from the music store, including the Digable Planets cassette tape that she continued to play.

From that moment on, awat Patty’s siblings remained.

Calling Digable Planets. Yay!


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