Rupert’s Broom

In the land of Witchausen, Massachusetts lived a boy named Bobby Bloom.

He seemed to have a fascination with his uncle Rupert’s house.

Because, on the side of Rupert’s house stood an odd shaped broom.

Almost every broom in the world has been known to sweep up trash.

However, Rupert’s broom was one of a kind.

The bottom of his broom was shaped like a mustache!

Bobby stood motionless while looking at the broom.

« I guess I cannot use you to sweep. Look at you! In the middle you part! »

« You raggedy piece of shit! Uncle Rupert cannot even put you on his wall as a work of art! »

Afterwards, Bobby picked up the broom and threw it beyond his uncle’s house.

Then, he proceeded to break it. As he continued, he felt a horrible jolt.

Then, he felt pain. He felt like he was about to fry.

« Nope! Hands off, » shouted the broom. « You will not break me. No. Not I. »

The broom continued, « I watch you every day with curiosity. Now that your curiosity has gotten the best of you, now it is time to say goodbye! »

Without commenting, Rupert quietly watched the entire incident.

« Bumstiggity, my boy! »

« My dawg! You sure are coy! »

Bobby got caught. His uncle then gave him a pat on his nape.

Next, as Rupert and Bumstiggity the broom talked, his mouth remained agape.

« Sorry, Bobby. I would have told you a lot sooner. But, me and my broom have a certain between us. »

« It’s like a special « flow ». »

« Up, up, and away me and Bumstiggity will go! »

As Bobby watched his uncle and the broom fly away, he began to frown.

So, he placed both hands in each side of both pockets of his waist.

Bobby had just been dissed.

If he would have behaved, he would have been given the chance of a lifetime like this.

Now he was pissed.


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