Frankie’s Worry Dolls


It happened in apartment number 9.

There lived a woman named Frankie who decided to make a shrine.

For a moment she felt like she was not able.

However, she finally managed to lift the heavy podium that used to be used as an auction table.

From the front door into the short adjoining halls…………………………………………………………………………………………………down to the next room and on top of the tablecloth covered podium stood Frankie’s worry dolls.

A few would know.

She purchased all of them in San Antonio.

This collection was more than a little loot.

Some of the dolls were smaller than the others.

Frankie thought that these dolls were so cute!

However, there was trouble in paradise.

Problems would begin.

One day Frankie came home and discovered that her worry dolls’s arms and legs were burned from end to end!

Who did this?

It was definitely not a friend.

Finally, one day Frankie found out who did it.

It was someone totally unexpected. Hmmmmmm….just where did this weirdo lurk?

One day upon sleeping, a family member awakened Frankie, informing her that someone was slowly turning the doorknob to the front door, and breaking in.

So, Frankie immediately rushed to the front door to come face to face with the superstitious jerk.

Just mere seconds is how long it had been.

Right after that the mother fucker came in.

Who could it be?

What the fuck? It was one of the guys who cut the grass.

How in the fuck did that son of a bitch get a key?

This grass mower flung the door open and was taken by surprise, because he was caught breaking into a stranger’s house for all to see.

Next, he hurried up and rushed out of the front door so that he could flee.

That very day Frankie went to management to move out.

She was asked to stay but was given the option to move into another apartment. Afterwards, Frankie stated the importance of her and her family’s safety.

That is what this was about.

As a result, she moved into another apartment.

Once upon a time, Frankie had a friend who battled polio.

However, once again, Frankie made another trip to purchase a new batch of worry dolls. That meant back to San Antonio!

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