Jimmy’s Glasses


Surely as I love cornbread, greens, and hamhocks, somewhere around the world lived two individuals, who seemed like they were from two different worlds.





One was a young woman who was an extrovert.





The other was a middle aged man, not quite a veteran, and a warlock in his spare time.





Just like a pigeon is a bird.





This older man traveled about this world unnoticed, like a silent fly on a wall. Because, he was a plain bespeckled and freckled nerd.




For a time, he continued to travel this way and that.




Until, he met an interesting New Jack Cat.





There was no question of debate.




He found an interesting specimen to mentally manipulate.




Like a clock has a tock and a tick.




Something was going around the jobsite that made many sick.




Jimmy was his name. He was not going to lose his groove.




He needed to rein in his new interest.




So, he went ahead and began to bust a move.




Jimmy had to have her quick.




He had to have her fast.




He could imagine it now. He needed to study her with those aquarium shaped glasses of his as she bounces on top of him.




Still, he had to remain calm. Because, all he could think of was being the conqueror of her tits and ass.




It finally happened one fine day.




The birds were chirping. The estate was very big and elegant. Hardly anyone was there.




Almost everyone was out of the way.




Here we go.




It happened on the estate’s patio.




Jimmy used his mental tool.




Next thing you know, New Jack Cat did something totally foreign, unusual, and uncool.




She did something that she considered was totally nuts.




Especially, since she was an « old school » type of individual. She was against being a pursuer of guys.




She wasn’t the type of person to have any guts.




Yet, here they were sitting across from one another.




She was always turned on by pretty boys and cute guys like her former classmate named Chuck.




It seemed as if her question came out of nowhere as she directly looked at Jimmy and asked him, « Would you like to fuck? »




Jimmy answered, « I’m not the type of guy considered to be a wussy. »




« My favorite thang has always been pussy. »




New Jack Cat continued, « This straightforwardness is giving me a fright. »




« When do you want me? »




Then, Jimmy quickly answered, « How about tonight? »



Their rendezvous was scheduled. It was out of sight.



Away they went outside of the estate to have a little fun.



Then, New Jack Cat took off with Jimmy to his house.



They arrived around one.



Jimmy began, «  »I know about desert flowers. »



« However, I must warn you. You have to ride me for at least two hours. »



« Why did you scoff? »



« It takes me at least two hours to get me off. »



Like an entertainment program, Jimmy studied his new subject completely with those aquarium shaped glasses.



Here I go.


Wouldn’t you like to know?


Where should I begin?


Their relationship was now well past co-workers. And, neither one could call the other a friend.


Eventually, all things must come to an end.


I like my poetry to rhyme.


Jimmy ended his relations with New Jack Cat, because he needed her on him for more than two hours.


Her busy schedule didn’t work on his time.


As a result, New Jack Cat did not object.



It was not meant for them to connect.


However, Jimmy would toy with her for a while seeking out another subject.



Jimmy found his next subject quickly.



Not slow. She worked in section one. Also, an attractive chit.



Here we go.



It was almost as if nothing had ever happened between Jimmy and New Jack Cat.



It was only one day that she felt hurt.



Both of them needed to move on. Jimmy put his glasses to work. The very next day Jimmy was back to being that fly on the wall, again.



And, New Jack Cat returned to her normal self, seeing Jimmy as a tall piece of dirt.



However, there were times that Jimmy tested his powers. Hall to hall he waltzed around the building with his new girlfriend while holding her hand.



Sometimes that was not enough.



At any time he had New Jack Cat approach him just to talk by his command.



Sensing her behavior was very unusual, New Jack Cat had other people give her lifts.



If she was to continue to be taken advantage of, she must find out more about Jimmy’s other gifts.



Gifted he was indeed.



His gifts were bad and good. So, she decided to ask him for a favor.



It was one that she would need.



Jimmy answered, « No problem. Stand still. I want it to be clear and not shoddy. »



« I will read you from head to toe, your total body. »



Time passed by swiftly. New Jack Cat was now gone.



She was sent to brighter and greener pastures. To the most handsome, rich, kind, and exotic man New Jack Cat was passed on.





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