Around the Corner

It wasn’t even Halloween when Georgia Buckner received the biggest fright.

She had to take a walk around the corner in the middle of the night.

Down the street and around the corner was a mysterious man named Treichel.

Every time Georgia passed by his house in the middle of the night, a beast of his was harder to control each time she was on her cycle.

Whatever it was, it never growled.

This thing also never howled.

She knew that it wasn’t a dog. The strange sounds that Georgia heard coming from Treichel’s backyard were no error.

She just knew that she better not walk that same route. This was the same route she took coincidentally when she was on her menstrual cycle. She could not go near this corner anymore.

Because, it would be her last time.

It would be a night of terror.

Her name would be mud.

After all, Treichel’s beast was out for menstrual cycle blood.

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