The Piano Man and Mrs. Bean’s Phone


Not everything at Lexington Gables was right.

However, the staff there acquired a new addition to the facility one night.

It is at a racetrack that a gambler makes bets.

Of course my name is not Grady.

The new staff member was a young lady.

However, she was not the only newbie on the scene.

There was a new admit named Mrs. Bean.

The new staff member’s name was Whip.

There, she connected with another co-worker and started a new friendship.

There was Whip.

Her new friend’s name was Jip.

Their endless chatter and nighttime fun and games went undaunted.

Until, one night both ladies discovered that Lexington Gables was haunted.

Ain’t that a bitch?

Whip was also a former witch.

Jip loved poetry and sometimes went to the recording studio with hip-hop heads, who were known as rhymers.

Next, there was something strange about Mrs. Bean’s room.

She also had Alzheimer’s.

Mrs. Bean lived alone.

The only thing that kept her company was a cut cord that was attached to a blue telephone.

Yeah. I know.

In the great living room stood a piano.

One night Jip and whip shared a bunch of strange, paranormal, and fascinating stories one night.

In between sharing their stories, nothing went right.

Next came a story from Jip’s older peer.

It was a story about a deceased man who has been heard playing the piano sometimes in the nursing home.

In the left corner of the home a ghost tiger ran past the door.

Then, out of nowhere a man that neither Whip nor Jip could see yelled, « Come here! »

So, Jip asked, « What is that? »

Whip answered, « I don’t know! »

Jip then asked, « Did you hear that? »

Whip answered, « Yes! I did! »

Jip then asked, « What was it? »

Whip then answered, « A man’s voice. »

Jip then exclaimed, « Oh, shit! »

Jip then continued, « Yeah. I guess so. »

Next, both heard the playing of the
one and only piano.

Both ladies atood less than a few feet apart from the living room where the piano was.

So, out of the corner of one’s eye it was easy to see.

Jip then spoke, « I swear to God that if I see that piano playing without someone there, I will flee. »

After that came the unexpected.

It seemed like a joke.

Definitely not a dare.

It was the sound of a telephone ringing without a care.

Whip then asked, « Is that what I think it is? »

« Yes, it is, » said Jip.

Whip responded, « This is like one of those scary movies. You know, like one of those where the woman runs and starts to fall. »

Jip then stated, « Yeah, I know exactly what you are talking about. There is only one telephone on this side of the building. And, it is right down that long hall. »

Jip continued, « You are a witness just like me! »

Whip then asked, « Meaning what? »

Jip answered, « That telephone should not be ringing. Don’t you see? »

Whip looked confused.

Jip explained, « Oh, Lord. »

Jip continued, « Let me explain this. The ringing is coming from Mrs. Bean’s room. That telephone has a cut cord! »

Whip stated, « Then, if that is true, from this job I will flee. »

Whip continued, « Because, it does not make any sense to me. »

Next, Jip answered, « Alright. It is your turn now. You must go down there and see that it is ringing. »

Jip continued, « This is like a freaky and scary picture show. »

Jip declared, « Remember. I was the one to step into the living room with that ghost man who kept telling us to come here. Then, he started playing the piano. »

Whip answered, « Yeah. I know. »

Next, Whip ordered, « You go! »

So, Jip went ahead and walked down that long hall. Every now and then she slowly looked back in Whip’s direction.

Jip went ahead, because she was also concerned about Mrs. Bean.

Finally, she arrived and the room was clean.

There, Mrs. Bean stood all quiet every now and then, and sometimes mumbling to herself all alone.

Mrs. Bean started pacing back and forth with a blank stare.

And, in that corner sat her old blue phone.

There it was sitting on her bedside table without a whole cord!

Oh, Lord!

Nothing made sense this night.

Not a thing.

As Jip began to leave the old lady’s room, the telephone began to ring.

Next, Jip began to softly tell herself, « I am going to calmly walk out of this room and down the hall. »

Jip continued, « I’m going to make sure that I do not run, because I know that I will fall. »

Brrrrrrrriiiiiiing! Brrrrrrriiiiiing! Brrrrrriiiinnngg!

The telephone continued to ring.

Whip exclaimed, « That’s it! »

Whip continued, « This is my last night here. Because, I quit! »

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