The Magic Pumpkin

Welcome to Patty’s Pumpkin Patch, where Halloween dreams are made.

Parents and children alike come in Autumn and chill while drinking apple cider in the shade.

Just like there was a dog named Rover, adults and children alike stayed over.

Nothing here happened that was tragic.

Once it turned nighttime, everyone’s blankets were rolled out to watch for the pumpkin’s majic.

Purple haze.

It was as if people came to star gaze.

Patty had an assistant. Her name was Mandy.

She made a short announcement that the magic pumpkin would appear soon.

And, everyone would get some candy.

Not too long after that was the event.

The giant majic pumpkin appeared! This way and that it moved. To and fro it went.

Here at Patty’s Pumpkin Patch not a single soul had to trick-or-treat.

Next, pumpkin seeds popped out of the flying pumpkin.

The seeds came out toasted and ready to eat!

Then, as the magic pumpkin danced, five hundred brooms came from behind it.

All brooms then flew down to every person, so that they can take broom rides across the ten acres of Magic Pumpkin Road.

Generations of people would remember this night.

Many stories would be told.

After the festivities were over, a film projector flew across the night sky for magic cinema.

The next day many toilets would flush.

Numerous bowels would move without an enema.

My oh my!

Look at all of that pumpkin pie!

Family friendly movies consisting of Peanuts, Care Bears, and the Berenstein Bears were played.

This is one night where everything was made in the shade.

It seemed like the night ended way too soon.

It ended when the magic pumpkin jumped over the moon.

In every refrigerator was a gallon of Snapple.

Adults and children alike awakened to at least ten items consisting of a caramel apple.

Every year everyone is thankful that the magic pumpkin provides.

When each participant awakens the next day, they are magically put in their beds with their cars already in the family driveway.

Because, everyone was given magic rides!

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