Panty Drop


It happened one winter night.

It was very cold. There was a lot of snow.

This incident took place in Hugo.

Two people took a ride through the countryside.

The surroundings looked full of gloom.

Valencia sat on the passenger’s side feeling full of doom.

It was so cold outside that one could get frostbitten just a little bit.

Jenny stopped the car and explained to Valencia that she had to piss amd take a shit.

At that moment Valencia began to speak, « Humph! You actually have the nerve to pull over? I realize that I’m not as important as a Christmas elf. »

« If it was me, you would do me like when I was 14 in Arkansas and make me piss on myself! »

Then, Jenny answered, « Oh, shut the fuck up! I don’t give a fuck how you feel! »

Jenny continued, « I’m the one driving at the wheel! »

Next, Valencia replied, « You know what? You are right. »

Valencia continued, « But, I just bet that one day that it will be your last time pulling over like this, especially in the middle of the night! »

Jenny then answered, « Shit! I’ll do whatever I want to do! »

Jenny continued, « So, fuck you! »

Although Jenny felt tired and beat, she stopped the car and stretched out her feet.

Then, she unbuckled her seat.

Valencia was scared. Jenny even felt that their surroundings felt more than spooky.

However, nature called. So, Jenny got out of the car to piss and dooky.

The wind blew hard. Big snowballs dropped fast.

Right in the middle of nowhere and on a dark side road, Jenny began to piss without class.

There she mooned the world with her horse size, speckled, and polka dotted yellow colored ass.

It was then amd there that she felt as if her heart was going to stop.

Just as sure and true as a person yells boo, there was nothing that Valencia could do.

Although, Jenny was not far.

Valencia was sitting inside of the car.

Out of the dark appeared something.

It took both women by surprise.

Next came naked pink flesh rustling through the woods.

It had piercing and glowing yellow eyes!

Neither woman was sure if this thing came from the East.

Almost face to face were two ladies and a strange beast!

It was almost too late to run.

If it was hungry, it would be on Jenny’s naked ass it would feast.

Jenny then began to think, « Damnit! Why did my panties have to drop? »

Jenny worked a miracle. She held her shit in.

Then, she swore to Valencia that she would never pull over on the side of the road to piss and shit ever again.

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