The Human Voodoo Doll


Some people see him in dreams.

This is not an old Mr. Sand Man.


Most do not know his age.

Although he looks calm, he can blend in and in between crowds.

But, when he is in motion, he is a man of rage.

He is a psychopathic killer.

Oh, Phyllis Diller!

He bleeds just like you and me.

Hardly a soul knows this, you see.

Shake and bake.

He does harm when people are both asleep and awake.

There are many uses for cream.

Unaware of who is currently attacking them, black men scream.

To him, life is one big game.

If only he could return to before he became!

For some reason someone presents a chess board.

No one is on the same page.

Not even on one accord.

Unbeknownst to him, he is a puppet without strings.

He is a weirdo.

Did someone say that he sings?

While he does his crimes, strangers in secret watch.

He especially hates the black race.

He has even concealed himself in black face.

Or was it those race pills.

If the Lord wills.

I’m not sure to which side he takes command.

His worldwide crimes go hand in hand.

There are more than three criminals.

One may even have a twin brother.

Someone has a dog named Tex.

This same man is a master of the hex.

Some of his crimes involve sex.

He seems to like ass more than preferring a woman’s cock.

Tick tock.

Things bloom like a flower.

He does something with other people’s blood to prevent himself from losing power.

Shit attracts flies.

When he creates crimes against humanity, there is always that someone who says, « It will be later when he dies. »

Without his power he is a wimp and a dud.

What does he do with people’s blood?

When he moves his body, if you are the victim, so does yours.

I’m going to continue to make this rhyme, like the brand Coors.

How he continues to exist is the big question.


Also, on people’s social media he does spy.

One day unbeknownst to him will be the end of his time.

Until then, he continues to commit a lot of crime.

He is the human voodoo doll.

Oh, Lord.

When this psychopathic game concerning him and the organization that he is in ends, will they get rid of this imaginary board game of chess?

What a mess!

He is the human voodoo doll.

A modern day helter skelter.

When he is finally caught, as he is slaughtered, will he squirm like the moving hand, Mr. Hamburger Helper?

Once he is gone, will the world know his real name?

And, once and for all, will his organization forever be maimed?

Or, will another psychopath be found, just like him?

Hmmmmmmmm……..lights out for all of them.

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