He Never Left!

One nice, cold, and sunny day, two sisters were playing in the Credulous family home. After one hour of play time, they stopped playing, turned on the television, and began enjoying Zubab’s pizza and calizone.
As Dot(one of the sisters)began eating her supreme calizone, she saw movement coming from the cable cord(from the side of her left eye). She wanted to imagine that it was her imagination.
Unfortunately, it was not. There was more tugging on the cable cord. This time, both sisters saw the furry little brown mouse. Dot screamed for her sister Sylvia to step on the mouse with her bare foot while Dot hunted for a high heel.
That high heel was going to be used to bash the mouse’s brains to smithereens. Sylvia(Dot’s sister) refused and scrambled from the room. Unfortunately, Dot was too late in getting a shoe strong enough to kill the mouse.
Next, the mouse ran into a tiny hole in the wall. Dot told her parents about the horrific ordeal. And, Dot regretted her inability to rid her family of the pest.
Over a course of six months, the girls’ mother took precautions to make sure that the family would have no more mouse problems. As a result, mouse traps were bought.
The sticky pads were bought first. That way the mouse would get stuck on the glue and never would be able to move anywhere else. If caught, the living mouse would be released into the trash can and taken out to the dumpster.
Or, it would be flushed down the toilet. Six months went by and there was no mouse in sight. However, the family had another problem. Someone with big huge feet kept walking down the hallway unseen at night.
During this time, Ms. Credulous decided that it was time to move. Rent was getting too expensive. Next, one nice and beautiful spring day Dot and Sylvia trotted off into the kitchen to experiment by trying to make the Zubab family’s secret calizone recipe.
The sound of someone’s big ass feet were heard, again by both sisters. This time the owner of those big ass feet ran past both girls. The sisters screamed in horror.
Those feet belonged to the biggest furry rat that both girls ever saw in their entire lives!
The next thing that they saw was the huge rat leaping into the set of chest of drawers. The rat was as big as a dog! Both girls were so terrified that they ran to the back part of the house.
Then, they cowered and hid in their mother’s room. Later, Ms. Credulous was told about what happened as soon as she returned home. This alarmed Ms. Credulous, also, because, the Credulous family had another addition to the family: a two year old toddler named Thomas.
Thomas was a little busy body, too. He climbed bunk beds, broke ceramic statues, ate caterpillars, and went knocking on neighbor’s doors at 2:00 A.M. asking them for Cheerios. As a result, several things were tried. The next trap that was used was the classic trap that you put cheese on. Each time a piece of cheese was put on the trap, the cheese would disappear.
But, the trap would remain in place! Next, Ms. Credulous was told to put peanut butter down. Apparently, the huge rat loved cheese and peanut butter! So, Ms. Credulous ended up going to the feed store.
None of the pellets were eaten. However, it drank the water! This was no ordinary rat! Ms. Credulous stopped and laughed, telling the terrified gorls that the family had an unwanted pet.
Then, Ms. Credulous told a story about a rat that refused to leave another relative’s home and started sitting on the couch and watching T.V. with them!😰
This really scared the shit out of the girls regarding that true story. Now, something bizarre happened one day. Something ripped a skunks tail off and left it in the family’s front yard!
And, there was no skunk! As a result, Dot decided to have her little sister bring the skunk’s tail inside of the house and used it as a prank for Ms. Credulous to see. Surprisingly, Ms. Credulous screamed!
Anyway, just when it seemed like there was no remedy to get rid of the terrifying rat, a blessing of an invention was brought into the Credulous home: D-Con!
The Credulous family never got the chance to see if the poison worked. They moved to a better town. Twenty seven years later, Dot’s co-worker came across an article on the internet about ground hogs and gophers.
The co-worker asked dot questions about gophers and ground hogs. It was at that moment that Dot remember ed that her family’s home was surrounded by a huge field where gophers and ground hogs made their home.
« Oh, my God! », thought Dot. No wonder why the huge rat always got away! It was a ground hog or gopher that got too comfortable in the Credulous home!
And, for some fucked up reason it loved being around Dot and Sylvia! It had to be a total threat to the girls. It scared the shit out of them each and every time!
And, for some freaky ass reason, it loved Zubab’s Pizza scraps!

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