The Ghost and Thy Holy Chicken

This fictitious story is based on a true story and a short tweet that was on someone’s profile. She claimed that her head was put on someone else’s body. My story just combines the two into a possibly totally twisted story.


I may have to dig for this young lady’s tweet. However, it was unique. After I read that tweet, I had to leave her wall, because I was like, « she could really possibly fuck someone’s head up! »

And, the story goes………


One very cold day in Llasa, Tibet, a big rooster decided to run away from his owner’s barn. No one noticed that he was gone, because there were over one hundred roosters and regular chickens that lived on that farm as well.

After walking and pecking his way around town for ten miles, he decided to slow down and fuck around in Shanna, Tibet. There, he decided  to stop and quietly watch a Samurai practice some exercises with his sword.

As the Samurai turned and swung his sword, it seemed like a beautiful dance of a ballerina to the rooster. This left the rooster mesmerized. The rooster was so mesmerized, he didn’t realize what was coming next.

In that beautiful moment, off went the rooster’s head. At that same moment, it caught the Samurai off guard. He saw a chicken head fly high and far in the sky. Next, he(the Samurai)looked at his bloody sword and ran.

He ran to his village to clean the mess off. Unaware that his head was still missing, the rooster started to peck. Then, he started running in a panic, because he could no longer see!

He saw a flash of ground and couldn’t see any more! He even ran right past the hungry abominable snowman, who froze in his tracks from even letting out a roar. Because, once the ape beast opened its mouth, the chicken head flew in, almost causing it to choke to death.

This was because of the hard impact and speed that the chicken head flew inside of its mouth. The impact was so hard that it broke ten of the abominable snowman’s teeth!

As a result, the abominable snowman ran back to his home back in the forest. The chicken head flying into its mouth scared it to death. While this was happening, the chicken continued to run, until a smooth, soft, and gentle pair of hands gently picked him up.

The rooster settled down and quit moving after that. The rooster knew that something was wrong, because he could not see any more. Although the lights would be out forever, somehow he knew that he was in good hands for the rest of his life.

Those smooth, soft, and gentle pair of hands belonged to a monk. The headless rooster made it to a Tibetan monastery: one of the holiest and most mysterious places in all of Asia!

Yeong Fai Yeong was the monk’s name. Suprisingly, the headless rooster continued to live after Yeong clean the blood off the rooster’s body. As a result, Yeong took the rooster to the monastery where all of the monks lived.

There, Yeong presented the headless miracle bird to the monks. Every single monk was totally amazed. As a result, the rooster was deemed blessed, holy, and officially adopted.

The rooster made a wonderful pet and brought joy and laughter to the temple. Because the head was missing, the rooster was fed rectally. After one year of holy tender loving care, the rooster finally shook his last feather.

The monks buried their friend five miles away from the monastery. After his burial, the monks returned to the holy monastery. However, at sunrise the rooster was out, again!

Word spread that the rooster was resurrected! For the time being it was just gossip to the monks. After a while, Yeong decided that enough was enough and had to see what all of the hoopla was about. It was now past midnight.

Lo and behold! Yeong saw something! He saw a chicken! However, this chicken had no feathers! It was clean and plucked bare! It moved! In fact, it seemed to slowly glide right past him!

Yeong was so dumbfounded,  he decided to follow his « seemingly sleepwalking  » late friend with his eyes for a while. He continued following with his eyes, until he could not see the rooster any more. It was at moment he decided that he did not want to see where the rooster was going.

So, Yeong returned to the monastery. He was satisfied that he was given the chance to see his friend one last time. The rooster did not go very far. The villager who stole him released the string that he was tied to, rinsed the rooster off, marinated him, oiled him, stuffed him, and fried him in a nice size pot.

That blessed chicken made the best meal that starving family ever had in their entire lives. He was eaten with two side, too.

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