The Disappearance of the Mysterious Hellpit of Russia


Note: Part of this story is based on an eyewitness account of seeing angels and demons, stories about the « mysterious hell pit of Russia », and the fact that whether natural or with technology, mysterious things, whether good and evil, can dredge up « something ».

As a result, I wrote an original story based on these factors.

As far as technology goes, a true example is the movie White Noise. Things other than technology have been many word of mouth stories regarding Ouija boards, observations by others, including newspaper articles concerning events, etc. As far as White Noise goes, here is a link about it. Reference:

Now, the story begins………….

It happened one Halloween night in 2008. A group of American cult members forever down on their luck went in search for their next « Emily Rose ». This cult went under the guise that they were Christian, eventhough their works were beyond devilish.
The cult members swelled in numbers to the point that they broke off into groups while belonging to the same cult. They made a living through various means.
Oftentimes, they made a living by giving people the appearance of having the ability of healing people. However their « miracles » actually caused harm to one’s health in various ways.
Most of them were criminals with criminal records. These members were even savvy enough to create new identities. This included possessing new social security numbers and birth certificates.
Things began changing for them. As a group their money began to dwindle. As a result, half of the members met up in Fort Worth, Texas, to gather funds.
These funds would be used to send scouts of theirs to Russia, where they heard by word of mouth that this was where Earth’s hell pit was located. The cult’s plan was to create a timed Apocalypse.
If they could capture each demon and contain them, then unleash all demons into one area, that would give the cult time to rob every rich person’s home in the United States of America, while wreaking havoc at the same time.
This would mean that every police precinct would be too busy solving crimes and hiding from demons if confronted by them face to face. After robbing everybody, various members would then round the demons up and place them into living hosts. The hosts were to be their newly assigned « Emilys ».
Each « Emily » would then be used as a medium, the group’s sources to let them know their future and reveal various ways to commit crimes against humanity.
And, get away with it. It took less than two years to round up each Emily. Each Emily was an unaware kidnapped individual. Although each kidnapped individual seemed as if they walked around freely, they did not. They were programmed by hypnosis.
This was done at bedside.
Members would quietly break in and enter each chosen female’s residence, and hypnotize their victim as the victim slept. The victim became a prisoner of their own mind.
Now, it was time to plan how to capture the demons, make it to Russia without anyone discovering their plans, and make it back to the United States with scouts in place gather all assigned Emilys. Every Emily would be housed in the projects, in the U.S.
The projects were located in an undisclosed location. Each victim had to be poor. The device to capture the demons was cheap. All it took was a computer programmer to watch the movie White Noise, to see that demons are attracted to devices with radio frequencies.
The plan was carried out successfully without incident. A group of five men went to the famed « hell pit » with one boom box and karaoke machine. The karaoke machine was detached and placed over the hole in the ground.
That hole was the legendary « hell pit » of Russia. While this was happening, all Emilys were corralled in one place, except for one. She was in a 1987 Chevy.
And, she happened to be stranded on a farm. Two days later the five men made it back to the U.S. and joined the other cult members to reign in the last Emily. Three fields away were the cult members. The incident took place at the U.S. border near Winnipeg, Canada.
There, « the notorious five » released the myriads of demons. As they were released, a weird phenomenon happened. The clouds from the heavens covered the earth and met grass.
Only three demoms remained! The others were slaughtered by none other than The Alpha and Omega himself! There, Emily# sat stranded in her raggedy old car.
The spedometer was also broken. Demons fell to Earth and crashed like one falling shooting ball of fire that touched Earth like a falling star.
The three demons that were left remained clinging to the power lines, where it seemed like Emily# and the demons were locked in a staring contest that Emily could not win.
As severe exhaustion and fear took over Emily, before everything turned black, she did not forget to at least make a curtain out of her clothes. Her clothing would then be used to cover the inside of her car. Once she completely covered her car windows on the inside, she fell into a balled heap of terror, lying in fetal position while shaking terribly.
Against her will, she fell into black slumber. The cold and creepy middle of the night slowly turned into day. Two days later, one demon remained. The boom box was now empty.
One makeshift demon box was left: the karaoke machine. Although Emily was spared from becoming a host to a demon, she was injured. It seared her head on the way home.
Meanwhile, the cult caught the demon on the way to catching Emily#. It was four states down. There, it was trapped in Wichita, Kansas. Next, scholars were pissed and disappointed of the fact that the Hell Pitt no longer existed. There were no more rumored « tortured spul sounds » coming from that Hell hole. Back in the U.S. was a new problem for each Emily.
Although each Emily was spared from becoming a host to each demon, they were not spared their new life of prostitution. All but one that is. Since there was only one demon left, the cult as a group unanimously decided to use Emily# as its host. However, that attempt failed. Because, she ended up being a poor candidate.
She stopped believing in Jesus Christ. All assigned Emilys had to be firm believers in order to be hosts for demons and possess other qualities that this devil worshipping group required. As a result, the cult group tried the other Emilys one by one. Each one died because they were prostitutes. They were not chaste.
As far as the last demon goes, the « Omnipotent » got rid of that one last year in 2018. The scientists mistook it for Haley’s Comet. The cult was over and so were their careers.
Emily# knew that the war was completely over when she returned to work February 2019 and saw the karaoke machine with the missing microphone mysteriously sitting beside the coffee maker on the small table.
After that, the news quickly reached every town in Russia. It was told that all demons are gone and that there is cause to celebrate. The « quiet Apocalypse » is over! Since February 15th, 2019, people in Russia continue to celebrate like it is New Year’s Day.
Because, « Doomsday » is officially over! Emily# is no longer Emily. Someone referred to her as Oscar. She is not Oscar, either. She is a human being. Somebody.
As far as the festivities go in Russia, this individual waits to join others in these festivities at Red Square. St. Basil’s Cathedral. To be announced.

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