The Next Turkey

Times got harder. Not too many checks kicked in.

The family was divided.

Some went to the casino. Some played the scratch-offs to win.

Situations turned despicable.

And, very unpredictable.

Because of that, Esther decided to provide groceries and cook an early Thanksgiving meal on one cold night.

Some dug in.

Mother Skaggs turned her snobby nose into the air.

She refused the unspoken and well kept secret Thanksgiving meal without a care.

Two days later Tesla came in and tossed the fat turkey to her dogs.

She had an air about her like the Dukes of Hazard’s Boss Hogs.

It was a few days before Thanksgiving would approach.

Mother Skaggs and Tesla scurried in like a pregnant roach.

« What’s for Thanksgiving? », they asked amongst themselves.

Esther grinned a wicked little smile.

Mother Skaggs thought that Cheshire cat grin seemed the length of a mile.

Then, Esther answered, »Thanksgiving came and went. »

« Remember that turkey? That was the unannounced Thanksgiving meal! »

« That was it! »

« It was gobbled up by that furry little shit! »

« I made Thanksgiving dinner early. This year was totally unpredictable and bad. »

« As a result, I spent every single penny that I had. »

« Now your bellies are grumbling. Oh well. »

« It’s way too late to start feeling sad. »

You should have seen Mother Skaggs at that new fancy company dog house.

This was one day that she did not have her nose in the air, nor call Esther a louse.

She entered the Dog House Cafeteria and quickly became one of the first people in line.

You should have seen her.

It reminded Esther of standing in a soup kitchen. All was not fine.

What a deal.

Mother Skaggs chowed down like it was her last meal!

Nothing came this family’s way.

Except, here came Thanksgiving day.

Human bellies were growing.

Esther started hallucinating.

Then, she started debating.

Tesla’s dog started looking like a turkey. Esther could imagine it now.

But that dog in the oven!


Although the hind legs were brown, throwing on some turkey shoes and marinating Tesla’s pet with soy sauce before preparing her for the oven bake sure sounded fine.

Later on she would have a nice glass of very sweet wine.

Tesla’s dog was saved by one day.

The Dog House Cafeteria served everyone pizza and paved the way.

This story is not full of malurkey.

That damn dog was about to be the next turkey.

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