Thanksgiving Hopes

A nice new broom.

A beautiful home with more than one room.

No bacon jerky.

A 12 chair table set with desired guests to help trim the turkey.

Family smiling with glee.

Two people deciding how to decorate the Christmas tree.

No need to read love letters.

Broccoli rice casserole from Cheddars.

Everyone is off.

No one is assigned to a station.

This is a family vacation.

Chips and dip.

Thank God!

For once, there are no incidents to occur on this ship!

There are so many beautiful trees.

We just made it overseas.

It is exciting to watch others going sledding off the slope.

Everyone has a different hope.

Pour some drops for those who have passed on from the land of the living.

There is much to be thankful for this Thanksgiving.

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