Will They Eat Tomorrow?

Will they eat tomorrow?

That is the question.

This question is directed towards countries all over the world.

Will the starving ones make it on the morrow?

Will a smile replace the sorrow?

Some say, « So! »

The obvious answer is no.

A lone toddler in India lies upon a tall trash heap.

No need to hurl the insults.

The first thing that comes to my mind is: Where are the adults?

This question is not coming from a dork.

The next scene is the extreme poverty and close living quarters in New York.

Surely there is a positive solution to benefit all.

That way everyone can be happy by next fall.

It seems as if time sits still.

Is it possible for every citizen to become at least middle class in raggedy ass Brazil?

Time never waits.

Will there ever be hope for the United States?

Nowadays I rarely take a yellow cab.

Racism continues like a non-healing scab.

Some people say that pussies are winers.

Yet, rape still continues to happen to underage minors.

Within oneself can exist Utopia.

There is so much hope for Ethiopia.

There is at least one day in a lifetime where everyone is a jerk.

I’m still out of work.

In this world there is so much sorrow.

A little improvement begins when everyone who is starving eats and eats good.

However, the question remains.

Will they eat tomorrow?

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