To Have and Have Not

Never up the rectum!

When it comes to begging, there are different ends/sides of the spectrum.

People beg for different reasons and for different means.

Cash is a different form of greens.

Who would you rather give to?

Throughout the year there is the Salvation Army vs. the homeless beggar.

I love Arnold Schwarzenegger.

The Salvation Army helps many.

However, they cannot help all.

As a result, as far as help goes, some don’t get any.

All over the world, some charities get donations.

But, when one is poor, to reap the benefits, there is a process of elimination.

In such cases, people have to meet certain qualifications.

And, there is always those who do not meet them regarding this.

They live in places like under bridges and on the street.

A Triscuit. A tasket.

These are the same people who also do not get that holiday basket.

Some of these people are not your average loser or street thug.

They need more than a hug.

They go through shit every day.

Their misery is some people’s enjoyment.

What makes it worse is when Business owners refuse to hire them(even for simple employment).

As a result, they have to search place to place where they must beg.

They have to be careful when it turns into winter and not fall on ice and break a leg.

Finally, a place has been found.

A begging spot.

The weather is not too cold and not too hot.

The spot is not the usual. This story is not folklore.

Finally, the beggar makes it to a small store.

Some refuse to give the beggar money and buys food instead.

This beggar is grateful. It is nice to be well fed.

After a while, the beggar is taken by surprise.

They are being studied by several sets of eyes.

This evening the beggar’s life will never be the same.

This beggar’s temporary territory has been invaded.

And, the general public is the judge, jury, and ends up getting entertained by witnessing a strange battle of wills in an unforeseen event of begging games!

The Girl Scouts set up a table in one corner.

Ten paces away are two crack phenes.

To the right of the beggar are marines.

Just as the beggar counts their potential losses and utters, »Shoots! », two firemen start collecting money while holding their boots!

Next, the beggar starts having beads of perspiration on the forehead.

Then, they outwardly begin to sweat. It becomes an outright beggars party!

Citizens begin to pick and choose.

Who is going to be the winner?

Who is going to lose?

Aw, hell!

Things are getting a really swarmy.

The biggest beggar of them all is coming: the bell ringer from the Salvation Army.

The marines come out with a smile.

They came out the victor first, collecting brand new toys for tots for a while.

For this street beggar, it seemed an eternity.

They ended up having to lick their wounds and wait until later.

They just had to get the hell out of the way.

So, they went to Burger King to chill out and eat a Whopper.

That was O.K.

That bell kept ringing and ringing, getting the big bills.

The street beggar had to go ahead and return.

They could not return to their street corner with empty hands and frostburn.

It took a while to get their lot.

This was one hell of a day for the street beggar.

It was one horrible and unforeseen begging contest between them, the military, and other organizations.

All were there for their own purpose.

This was the case of to have and have not.

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