She Felt Totally Fucked

It costed her $20 to get there and $20 back.

Publicly announcing to the Arby’s staff that she needed money was very unnecessary and totally wack.

In a way it was totally hateful.

However, temporarily having a roof over her head caused her to be very grateful.

It was O.K. crashing there for the night.

However, the family dog tearing a hole in her bag caused her to feel a little fright.

For a moment, she was still as stone like Lurch.

Because, she became a volunteer that day by passing out turkeys to the needy with members of the church.

One morning at church she received a horrible surprise.

The morning session was televised!

This situation sucked!

Someone approached her in the front for prayer.

She felt totally clueless, in a daze, and totally fucked.

There she went.

Where should she start?

Oh, how badly she wanted to depart!

How should she pray?

No! Not today!

She was totally at a loss for words!

She just didn’t know.


Should she try?

How could someone approach her?

Well, it happened.

And, she didn’t know why.

Her mouth opened and words surprisingly came out.

She prayed for someone.

Everyone needs it.

She didn’t shout.

The prayer was over.

She thought that she sucked.

This was one day she walked around blindly, still feeling clueless. And, totally fucked.

What is a bum doing helping with passing out turkeys and shit?

She didn’t know.

It was a community thing.

So……….well, there is nothing else to say.

No excuse.

She did not mind lending a helping hand.

She guessed that at least another human being such as herself was being put to good use.

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