Did You Buy the Ham?

Sarah is here. So is Sam.

Thirston is preparing turkey wings.

Did you buy the ham?

I do not see hardly anyone yet.

Is this gathering a sham?

You are so fake!

Mom is bringing the cake.

What was that?

I don’t give a fig!

The dog just snatched off aunty’s wig!

Oh, that was not all!

That furry little thing has to pay!

It will not let go!

The wig is still in his mouth!

Uh oh!

It’s gone now!

The dog ran away!

That is bad!

Now aunty is stuck!

She has to stay.

Where are the mashed potatoes?

Carrie brought a salad that consists of only mozzarella cheese and tomatoes.

Wilma went for a jog.

She needs to be careful of the fog.

Where is Sam?

Get back here!

I am going to repeat this question, again.

Did you buy the ham?

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